Monday, January 05, 2009

What's Up

watching the ball drop i came to a few conclusions. you may or may not agree with me but thats totally up to you.
1. a person has to be nuts to want to go to new york in the fucking winter & stand in the middle of the streets for hours for any reason. on top of being too cold you're always taking the chance of getting stabbed. it happens every year & its just not a chance i want to take.
2. its time for dick clark to give up the ghost. god bless him, he's still hanging on but how scary does he look these days? i'm not sure if thats a cause & effect thing or if he's had too much plastic surgery. who can tell?
sure i was raised on dick clark & his american bandstand program. sure i love dick too. but i really didn't enjoy the show enough to watch. seeing him that pitiful made me feel bad for him. he didn't really even look like he was enjoying what he was doing. i had to turn the channel until it was time to see the ball fall, opps, i mean drop.
i saw the blog awards are back. did you voted for anyone? a few of the blogs listed in my sidebar were actually nominated. and yes, i had to vote for them. i started my new year off right by doing good deeds. think that might pay off in the long run?
its time to get back on the diet rollercoaster. through the holidays my main goal was to maintain. i figured if i could keep the weight off that i've lost through the holidays i was good to go when i got started again. i did that & went one better by losing another pound even with all the good food. now, it's time to start taking this thing seriously again. i did finally get the meds the dr. wrote prescriptions for. i couldn't afford them even with my insurance covering the biggest part of them. it took a few paychecks after christmas to get that together. it was a choice between my new meds or hubbys' seizure meds & since taking him off those would cause him to maybe have a seizure i couldn't take the chance. after i take them for a month i'll make another appointment with my dr. to make sure they're working for me. i'll keep you updated on that.
oh crap, i almost forgot my big news. jammer is learning to read! i have to get utube or blogspots video to work for me cos i have to show you what he does with his tongue when he's reading. he sticks it out & wiggles it every time he gets a word right. i think its his way of celebrating but it might just be concentrating on how to pronounce the next word. you can help me decide. if you don't laugh yourself silly.
now, i have to hit the sack. we're expecting snow tomorrow so i'll have to head out a little early to miss it. i'm just praying it'll all be over by the time i get off tomorrow & not too bad to make it home. i hate sleeping in the car.


Anonymous said...

I had to look up Dick Clark! He does look a bit freaky.

Lindy.. I think you need to consider a fresh look for a fresh year... what'd you reakon...? (And Etoile quit blogging years ago ;-)

Walker said...

Yes Dick Clarke is getting up there like Ed McMan
Some people need to retire instead of scaring people away.

WTG Jammer.
It was bound to happen but i am sure he is proud of his accomplishments and you are.