Saturday, January 31, 2009

Is Anybody Out There?

well, mutha nature was a mutha fucka & done it again. she decided to not only puke all over us but shit & gloat as an afterthought. this time with an added bonus she added sleeting rain that locked down, not only the city but, the whole midwest. do you see how long that icicle is? it all started over night monday, i told you the weather people were calling for some pretty nasty weather. by tuesday morning we already had 5 inches of snow. then it turned to the mix of sleeting rain & snow. which turned everything into a solid chunk of ice. several inches of solid ice folks! these are the bushes that live down the side of the house. normally, they stand about 15 feet tall & create a heartshaped arch that you can walk through. afterwards, it snowed continuously for the next 12 hours. they locked the city down by wednesday, calling for a level 3 emergency, which meant you better have a damn good reason for being on the roads. businesses, schools, churches & our assholes were all closed for the season. i finally made it to work on thursday but they were calling for more snow by afternoon so i left early. last time it was like this it took me 7 1/2 hours to get home. i wasn't about to go through that again. i actually had to have my car towed home that time cos i couldn't get up the hill & was stuck in a driveway about 3 miles from home. the snow came & made things even worse for today so i couldn't go anywhere again. its a good thing we're in our slow time right now. if this had happened before xmas we'd be in big trouble about now. (people have no compassion when it comes to their xmas gifts if we can't come through with processing before they need their gifts.) back to the storm, when the ice started falling our electric started flickering. by 11 am the news was saying how the electric was off in at least 30,000 homes & my hometown made up about half of them. no sooner was that said then our electric bit the big one & everything went black. except the roads & the trees & the houses, which were all white! which was beautiful, btw. we were lucky & it came back on after a mere 13 hours. some people still have no electric today.
needless to say, we won't be having the kids this weekend. hell, we may not have them next weekend as they're already calling for more snow come monday & tuesday! if you don't hear from me:



Tammi said...

I won't complain about Texas weather again,after reading THIS post.Sheesh! How do ya'll keep from staying sick all the time?
Crossing my fingers that mess clears up soon.The good news,is at least I'm not having to drive in that type of stuff or the roads would surely not bve safe around there!!LOL....Lauing,but very true.I can't drive in that kind of mess.Some complai about my driving on a clear day.HA

Walker said...

Ice weather is nothing to laugh about.
How come the pretties things are what are dangerous.
I am using that line next time the cops say my car is a piece of crap.

I hope it all clears up for you soon if now AZi will see what I can do about the airlift.
I may have to hijack a cesna though