Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Age

did anyone see that full wolf moon on the 10th? we didn't get to see much of it. the skies were mostly cloudy but every now & then it peaked through. beautiful. too bad it happens in the middle of winter. you can't spend any time outside as cold as its been. we've had below zero temps & snow. i need to move to a warmer climate. preferably warm year round & flat. so i can get lots of walking time. i've found that the more i walk the more weight i lose. since xmas i've been kinda stuck due to not getting out for my walks & hubby moved my nordic trak to the bedroom to make room for the tree. now that the tree is down its time to bring the trak back out but you know, thats just not as fun as taking a walk outside. its boring. i tried reading while i walked on it but thats not the easiest thing to do. maybe i need an ipod so i can listen to music. anything to make that damn trak more interesting. if i weren't such a wuss i'd get out & walk in the snow. that would really burn some calories, don't you think? for every step i'd take i'd have to take 3 or 4 more to keep from busting my ass. so far this year i've only kissed the pavement once. i was getting out of the car & as soon as my feet hit the ground my feet flew out from under me. i went straight under the car. granted my face didn't kiss the pavement but my ass sure did. i was sore for a few days. i'm too old to do that too much. course everyone that saw it asked if i was ok through their snickers. i can't blame them, i laugh first & show concern second too. i think thats human nature.
stupid me got a vibrating, heating mat for christmas but i loaned it out to my boss that just had back surgery. i took into the office & said, 'i thought you could try this today & see if it helps'. a little while later i went in & asked if she'd like me to plug it in for her & she informed me that she thought she'd just take it home & try it. i thought she'd try it at the office & if it helped she'd go buy her one. i never dreamed she'd take it home & keep it. that was almost 3 weeks ago & she still has it. at home. not the office. i'm kinda at a loss as to how to ask when she thinks she might bring it back to me. after all, my sister bought it for me, as a christmas gift, cos, ummmm, my back hurts too. i had used it once. it felt really good which is why i thought it might help her. hubby says i can kiss it goodbye. he thinks she'll just keep it & every week that she doesn't bring it back he just shakes his head at me. i know she'll give it back but at this point i'm wondering if it'll be summer before i get it. or maybe she's waiting till she can walk long enough to shop so she can buy her own. whatever, i hope its soon. i'm jealous she has the heating vibrating mat.


Walker said...

I saw the full moon, had no choice, my eyelids were frozen open.
Ouch, I hate falling in the weather and whats worse is trying to get up on ice.

You tell your boss that your husband needs it for his back because he slipped on the ice and landed on his tail bone and is all messed up and walking around like a wounded gazelle