Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Toys

sorry, i know i'm a shitty blogger. i've been so busy with work that the last thing i want to do when i get home is get on another computer. i'll try to be better. now that we've slowed down at work i can find more things to blog about. i've been playing with my new video camera a bit. i'm still not really good with it but this summer that will change. i plan on burning it up. it has so many settings & things to check before you tape that the pages of the manual all look like bangledesh to me. theres one page that illustrates how to get to different functions & how to change them but i can't figure out when to hit the confirm or the menu button. i'm not stupid just overwhelmed with this thing. its gonna be a trial & error kinda learning experience for all of us. so far the video i've taped is too dark to really see anyone. except where i'm in the bright kitchen. theres an ev adjustment on it that i didn't even know about when i started using it at nippers house the day we did our christmas there. when i got home & started rewatching the videos on the camera they looked ok. you could see everything pretty well. just like when i taped it. but after i finally downloaded the drivers & copied everything onto the pc its alot darker. when i put the new 2 gig memory card in it i read on the box that i could get a free download of corel maintainone program which i thought cool, i can fix the dark exposure with that but when i went to the site to download it i was looking at 17 hours of download time. sorry bitch, its yours if you can stay online long enough & guess what? i can't. my isp will only stay up in 4 hour increments. besides, who's gonna go to work if i have to try sitting here for 17 hours to babysit a download? see! there! i just got kicked off & had to sign back in to finish this post.
which is a sign that i've been on here reading my favs & searching the net for my allotted 4 hours. like i care that they think i only need 4 hours to do whatever i want to do on my computer. pfft. what do they know?
i still have to visit utube & figure out how to stay online long enough to upload these videos for ya'll to see.


Tammi said...

Girrrrllllfriend,you just crack me up!!
I know EXACTLY what u mean tho.I just got a new digi-cam and I'm no dumb a***,but what the heck are all these different dilly-watts on this sucker?lol
I can see the kiddo's running from that camera right now!"C'mon Maw-Maw,stop chasing us with that camera"!!!.

Tammi said...

OOPs,my point was NOT ME chasing the young-un's with the camera...YOU!lol
I do that already.:-}

Walker said...

I am sure after hundreds of hours of gref and agrivation you will figure it all out just before it breks and you need a new like the rest of us LOL