Sunday, January 25, 2009

New President In: Money Out

after that last post have you missed me? was that long enough or what? i didn't realize how long it was till i published it. i thought damn lindy, can you think of anything else to put in there? so, i come to you with my head hung & beg your forgiveness. but in my defense...aww, fuck it. i have no excuse. but dude, did you get my love of computers? you're gonna love this then. right now i have 2 sitting here with problems & people want me to fix them. someday, i'm gonna be able to retire & when (no, if) i ever do i'll have a backup income cos i'm gonna fix computers for a small fee. course, all the people that depend on me now to keep them up & running for them won't be happy that i want money for said fixing of computers but 'thems the breaks'. not everyone can have their own free IT support. honey thinks she's stroking my ego when she says 'you're my computer guru'. truth is i'm practising. her computer is my guinea pig & i'm doing trials & errors on it. knock on wood, i haven't screwed anything up yet so i must know what i'm doing to some extent. i figure i can only get better. i won't be retiring before 2021 so that gives me plenty of time to practise. besides, i've lost hard drives, had ram go bad, corrupted files & the dreaded bsod so i've been through a lot of the fixes on my own computer. also, between hubby & myself we've put together several computers to give away too. really, its not like i'm flying blind.
shoot, my 5 year old grandson already knows the 3 finger salute & advises everybody to use it on a weekly basis. speaking of jammer, we had pizza delivered on friday & when the pizza dude got here jammer ran to the door to say 'hi, pizza dude'. kevin, our delivery guy spoke to him asking 'whats up'? jammer told him he was gonna be a pizza dude when he grew up. god, please help me save him from that life. i know, i'll teach him to work on computers. when i retire i'll get the jobs & he can do the work. course, when that time finally gets here computers will probably come with their own nano's to repair anything that went wrong. guess we'll have to learn how to fix the nano's when they go bad.
february is coming up fast & whoo hooo, tax time. i want to get mine done quickly before obama makes his all important change
to our system & i get screwed out of my money somehow. it would be nice if he came through for the little guys but i just don't see it happening. we're also gonna take mojo to court for visitation with the twins. i'm excited for that to come. i've really missed the girls. as a matter of fact we still have xmas gifts sitting here for them. its gonna be like xmas all over for all of us come february.
ahh crap. its snowing here again. i was hoping it was over for the day. just means i have to get up early & head out before daylight. guess i better hit the sack.


Walker said...

LOL Jammer the Pizza dude.
Firemen and astronaunts are feeling lonely today.
Computer are my curse and all I seem to be doing is patching mine and everyone elses up for little or no money.