Sunday, January 23, 2005

A First Anniversary

one year ago today jammer began walking without holding on to anything. honey & sonny, hubby & myself were all sitting in the living room & jammer was holding onto the table. he decided he wanted something that was out of reach & politely let go of the table & took his first 6 steps to get to whatever it was. these are the cool things i want to be able to show him many years from now & laugh about. papaw & i were the only 2 people that remembered this day. for me it seems like it was just yesterday. but then i remember just yesterday how he stood in the middle of the room pointing his finger at me, fussing to beat all hell, turned & fell over nothing. then called me a meanie cos he fell down. hahaha.
don't let me forget to tell you how his daddy went to jail friday. stupid, stupid, stupid.
gotta get dinner ready. just wanted to say yeah for walking....