Wednesday, January 12, 2005

One Day At A Time

well, i don't know about u but we're flooded. it takes me 2 hours to get home from work these days cos everyone has to take the same route. i didn't know we were under sea level here but that's what it feels like.
after all the ice & snow, we had a week of rain. not just drizzles but all out rain for days on end. the entire area is under flood watch & lots of homes have had to be evacuated. those people that didn't have electric through the snow storm now doesn't even have homes to worry about. i was joking before about armaggedon but damn! we've got attacks on the u.s., war in iraq, tsunamis, flooding, people killing each other in the streets of our cities, & everyone attacking god being used in the schools & legislation. what next? a man walking down the streets ringing a bell, calling 'bring out ur dead'.
i'm having recurring dreams about dead people chasing me, trying to eat my brains.
anybody a dream interpretor? wonder what that means. hmmmmm.
this past weekend with the kids was a learning experience. and i fear for them as they get older. jammer & i had a conversation about going around something as opposed to through it. the girls were laying on the floor watching a movie & jammer kept walking through them. across the large cushion they were laying on. come on people, we can all see this disaster in the making. he's not 2 years old yet so he's not real steady when it comes to walking over objects. needless to say he wrecked. i said 'did u wreck?' he said, 'yeah. i wrecked'. i asked 'are u hurt'? he said, 'no'. i asked the girls, 'u all okay'? they whined, 'he stepped on me'. i told jammer, 'go around'. he said, 'around?' me. 'yeah around' as i swung my arm in circle to make him understand what i meant. and a direction to go around. i turned to pick up the telephone & when i looked back he was climbing over the coffee table i just circled my arm to show him direction around. all boy. so we had to have a talk about going around.
i put 2 of the girls in the tub. sitting there with them talking & squirting them between washing & conditioning hair. al stands up & declares 'me go potty'. all excited that she's learning the art of potty training i grabbed her up & sat her on the potty. she said, 'no me go potty'. i said 'already, where'? she pointed to the tub. sure enough there were 2 turds floating along merrily. ixxie jumped up & screamed. typical for a little girl but she said, 'it floats'. what will they play next? i'm afraid to ask.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I love observing children and hearing what they have to say. Fear when they are older, it won't be as funny. Can't wait till my neice does funny stuff, she's just a little over a year, so it's just watching her "discover" things that she can do.