Sunday, January 30, 2005

Red Neck Snitch

that i am.
i'm telling on jammer...
i opened 'joy unexpected' ( do a little reading before bed. my grandson is sitting on my lap just watching the tv. every now & then he looks over at the screen. when her site opens she has a pic of her daughter with wings.
jammer says 'baby, wings'.
i answered 'yeah, her mommy gave her wings'.
he says 'she's angel'.
me, 'yeah, she's cute'.
jammer, 'no, memaw, she's hot'. looks like a love affar in the making. but how cute. she's not just cute, no way, jammer says she's hot. where did he get that from? i know he doesn't hear his daddy say that. (unless he wanted his dick cut off in his sleep). he'd never say anything like that in front of his son. would he? i can see it now, if honey ever heard jammer say that & asked where he heard that. he might just tell her daddy. bet it would be awhile before sonny slept a sound sleep. hahaha.
it's snowing to beat all hell again. why do i stay here & put up with this nasty weather. i hate driving in the snow. hate it. and i live at the top of huge hills in all directions. this is when being the queen of the hill isn't any fun.
friday before the kids were dropped off i got a frantic call from honey. they have recently acquired a python. yuck! i also fucking hate snakes. a friend of sonny's didn't want it anymore so he offered it up free of charge. sonny has always wanted one but i wouldn't allow snakes in the house. now, it's his house so i have no say in the matter. until this damn snake goes & tries to feed on my grandchildren. and it did. they had it 2 days & because she smells like popcorn this 5 foot snake decides she smells like dinner to him. he bit her on the back & when she screamed ixxie grabbed it, yanked causing it to drive it's teeth further into her back. when it came loose there were teeth broken off in her back. straight to the hospital. antiseptic but no stitches.
and out of the mouth's of babes. i'm talking to jammer about the snake & i told him i hate snakes.
jammer, 'i hate snakes'
me, 'so u don't touch snakes, ok?'.
jammer, 'boo jus no tou snakes'.
me, 'i'm sorry, i don't understand that'.
jammer, 'dammit, DO?YOU?HEAR?ME?NOW!?'.
moody! and dammit? kiss my booty & learn some respect, kid. i didn't say i didn't hear it i said i didn't understand it. my mom would have smacked my face off with one whappp. nowadays u have to be patient & let them have that little tantrum. although i've had no training now i'm supposed to be a psychologist & know what to do. when my kid was growing up all i had to be was a parent. that worked for us. what was wrong with the old fashioned way? i survived, didn't i? and by golly i knew not to backtalk. and my son learned the same lesson. we always discussed it so he knew why he was in trouble. but when he deserved an ass whopping he got it. as a parent i really wanted to do a good job but as a grandmother i just snicker at jam cos i get to send him home to his daddy & he has to be the bad guy.
the terrible 2's & i don't remember the 3's being any better. seems like i didn't get the upper hand back till he was almost 4. by then i had him hornswaggled again until he was about 16. he thought he'd go to jail if he didn't finish high school & mommy was a psychic. he couldn't get away with anything. but alas, then they get too big for their britches again & it's like dealing with a 2 year old all over.
i love being a snitch in this blog. with noone to argue about anything i write. one they don't know what i write & 2 they don't know how to find it. i hope when i'm old & delapidated i can remember where this is & how to find it. man, now i'm thinking i should write my login & password down. just in case. dammit.....