Sunday, January 16, 2005

Too Funny For Words

dom: 7 FGmlkcxgtk l jyruj hbhndmj dddddbv n nb b v v cv w cvdfq df` d fdrtf1 hg bz
me: what's cha doin, big guy?
dom: i typing memaw
me: can i read it?
dom: no.
and he promptly pushed the start button on the pc.
he knows what makes the light go on or off. he scares me and that first line is what he left behind.
someday i'll ask him to decipher for us. but isn't that cute. mean tail. out of the mouthes of babes.
next on the too funny list was ixxie. it was naptime & i took her sweatshirt off leaving her in her undershirt so she wouldn't get too hot. i noticed her sleeves to her undershirt was pulled up & thought when i put the sweatshirt back on i'd have her hold the sleeves. when she woke up this was our conversation.
me: can you hold your sleeves for me? (i firmed her hand around the sleeve as i said this. she let go.)
me: no baby, hold this like memaw (& i held the end of my sleeve to demonstrate.)
ixxie: oh, yeah, i can do that.
me: ok here comes the shirt.
ixxie: i'm hungry. can we have lunch.
me: sure, what do u want?
ixxie: pizza
me: k, lets get it started.

after we got the oven heated & the pizza in we came back to sit down & fix her hair.

me: how do u want ur hair?
ixxie: ponytails. at least 2 ponytails.
me: k, how about part of ur hair in 2 ponytails up high?
ixxie: yeah, that will be pretty.
me: can u hold these bands for ur hair?
ixxie: can i let go of these yet?

she was still holding her sleeves.
love all my aliens. but its a good thing someone watches over them at all times. where would they be?