Monday, January 17, 2005

New News

darn, i missed my 100th hit. i've been watching for it cos i thought it would be cool to say thanks for the hit. oh well. theres at least another hundred in me. also, i have one hit that isn't counted on the counter. my friend stopped by & i was telling him about blogspot. beings his wife is pregnant with their first child how he should start a blog telling about her day to day changes. things like that. he mentioned that he keeps a sort of journal but he saves it all in his email. i think this is much cooler. anyway, i showed him my blog & he sat reading it for awhile. have i mentioned i love blogs? blogging? cruising blogs? anything like that? i think i have. the more people i can turn on to blogging the better i like it. means more blogs to read. he thought it was cool too. so, if u happen to come across a really cool new blog. that might just be my friend.
something else really too cool. my hubby's brother has some exciting news to share & i wanted to show it to u.

Dear (everyone I know that I have an email address for):
This Saturday, January 22, at midnight (okay, so that’s technically Sunday), you can see me in a locally-made TV movie from back in 1997 or so called What Angels Fear. A few of you may actually remember this from when it was first shown (deleted city). I'm only in the first few minutes, as the "bad man," so you can turn it off after that.

Too cool. my brother-in-law is in a movie being shown on national tv. well, cable tv. tune in if u can. see your local stations for time & date of 'What Angels Fear'. u won't miss him. he's the evil guy all in black in the beginning of the show.
i'm so tired tonight. work is taxing. get a good nights sleep & i'll see ya tomorrow.