Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

something i didn't realize that hubby pointed out tonight. sonny always either washes or rinses his dishes out. granted when they get here someone is always hungry. i will never turn someone away hungry. but i never paid attention to what they all did with the dishes when they finished. i just always noticed there were dishes to be done. tonight hubby happened to mention that sonny always rinsed his dish if there was no dish water ran or he would wash his dish if we had water ready. me thinks me didn't do a bad job, huh.
teaching the aliens to share has turned into a nightmare. if one has a toy the other one wants now, they walk up, yank it out of the others hands & say 'share'. not exactly what i've tried to get across. so, we go through the 'give it back' speech. everyone winds up crying & the toy gets put clear out of sight until they can share it right. not once has anyone been willing to share it right. they'd rather i put it up & nobody have it then one or the other get it. this is why i only had one child. this is why i was utterly grateful that the one child i had was a boy. i swear boys are easier to reason with than little girls. girls are always into crying to hard to learn anything until they get to be 6 or 7. i know this because i was a little girl once & to try to get away with things i did a lot of crying & kicking. course, i got the shit knocked out of me but that didn't stop me from trying.
well, this weekend jammer came to me & said 'i love u memaw, wanna shair'. i wasn't real sure what he said. some words aren't real discipherable. i had 2 options. he either wanted to sit in the chair or he wanted someone to share a toy. i asked him to clearify. 'do u want to sit in the chair or share the toy?' he said 'wanna shhaair'. i said, 'go ahead'. thinking whatever he wanted we could make it work. turnes out he wanted to share the same old way but he had a hook so he thought he had one over on me. i'm like 'no thats not sharing'. he answered 'but no memaw, i said i love u'. 'well, i love u too but u can't take toys from each other. share means she plays & u play too right people? how come i have to be the meanie? why is this so hard?
i told ixxie tonight to start her birthday list for ideas for gifts. i think she'll have a long list. Before she left she had 6 things already listed.
k, gotta go. i'm tired.