Monday, February 14, 2005


happy valentines day everyone. i have to say that cos they force me to. they being the money grubbing people that forced this holiday on us. have u noticed how prices seem to sky rocket on things appropiate to give & have u ever noticed how stressed everyone seems to be around the 14th? whether u have someone to share it with or not. most times it turns out to just be one big hassle for all involved. i don't believe we need a 'special' day, 'tailored' for us, to 'deplete' our wallets. (hahaha, see std people.) if i care about someone i don't need a specific day set aside by someone that doesn't know if i'm happy with my relationship that day or not to tell me i should show them how much i love them. i like things like that to be my decision. besides its nice to see genuine surprise for a gift rather than a fake 'ahh, u didn't have to'. when u know if u don't u'll be in the dog house for awhile. unless u have a prearrangement with ur specific other. with that said, yeah, we're planning the gift thingy & the lovey dovey for the day. i got him special made chocolates with a sappy card. i don't have a clue what i'm getting. well, thats a lie, i have a clue to some of it.
well, gotta go. hubby is ready for valentines day.


Rainex said...

Yes we are manipulated
lemmings-but if I don't
get a card or whatever-
watch out! It's a sort of SM
relationship, you hate it,
but you need it! So VD it then...