Saturday, February 26, 2005

Brain Dead or Age Process?

my fingers have developed dyslexia. when i first started typing for a living my mind worked fast enough but man, my fingers would fly. like they had a mind of their own. i actually had to stop sometimes to see where i was cos my fingers had typed more than i realized my brain had computed. when i double checked all was good & i would pick up & take off again until i realized my fingers were ahead of my brain again. nowadays, i catch myself backspacing often cos i've switched the letters around. i question whether this is old age, fried brain cells or just boredom at my job. of course, i used to love to type. now, i do it mostly cos i have to. i still love playing on the computer. if i had to make a career change i would do something with computers. probably programming or something like that. i also like to build them. then i wonder if my brain is too far shot to learn a new skill. i often joke that for everything new i learn something old goes out of my brain. sometimes that shit isn't funny. i forgot to clock out for a whole week once cos they taught me a new set of passwords & combinations. i think it was psycosamatic (sp?) i didn't want to have to learn those. i knew the old ones but the powers that be thought it was time to make the upgrade. i rebelled even if in my own head. taught them didn't i? they had to adjust my time sheet for the week. after i went into the managerial dept that shit wasn't funny. that turned out to be painstaking work.
i've got a new movie to watch. anyone seen 'alien versus predator'? don't tell me the end. i haven't figured it out yet.