Sunday, February 27, 2005

Did I Tell You?

the snake is gone. the guy sonny got the snake off of said he has another friend interested in a snake so if sonny didn't want it he knew someone that did. yaaa! something else. it wasn't a python after all. it was a red tail boa. how could u own a snake & not know what kind it was? the guy that gave it to sonny had said he bought it at a pet store for like $15. that was a lie. he bought it from another guy that told him it was a python. the guy that picked it up from my son knew his snakes & clarified the breed of snake. he said oh yeah, it was a very aggressive snake. please god don't let anyone else want to get rid of a snake. who knows what he'll end up with next time.
the kids all just left & its time to get ready for bed. its just too hard to get up when i don't get to bed before midnight.
later on


Rainex said...

I like snakes-just not in
my home or place of work.
Saying that...we've a pretty
much snakey guy at work!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Eww. Two legged snakes are almost worse. Did you read about the snake coming up through the toilet recently? In Florida. Scary.