Tuesday, February 22, 2005

And She Said, And I Said, And What?

me: whats wrong with your phone? that ringer sounds sick.
her1: i don't know. its been getting worse.
me: trade phones.
her1: i don't want to lose my number.
me: what do you mean? you'll still have the same number just a different phone.
her2: no, when u change the phone she'll have the number assigned to that phone.
her1: i still want my same number.
me: people, think about this. u will have the same number just a better phone.
her1 & 2: no, it will be the number assigned to that phone!
(and these people are getting serious about this. i'm dying at the stupidity)
me: no, its the line to ur desk that makes the number, not the phone.
her1 & 2: no, its the phone.
(i get up & unplug my phone then plug it into her line & have the other one call her number)
the phone rings.
should i make them call my number? i said i'm dying..