Monday, February 21, 2005

Up, Up & Away

our computing & processing program has been upgraded. now to learn the new software (quickly) & start our year all over. looks like things will be picking up here in just a few weeks. heaven help me make it through another year of the insanity.
does anyone know the rules about blogging over ur job? i haven't read all the paper work on it but damn, i'm reading more & more about people being fired or fearing for their job over it. and the hate mail. wow, feeble minded people & their feeble minded attitudes. who are we hurting by bitching about some of our coworkers or telling work related stories? or for that matter how we raise our kids or joke about our everyday lives. i have yet to figure out why mean hearted people don't just keep their noses out of things. granny always said 'if u ain't got nothing good to say don't say anything at all'.
the latest to pull his blog was jack. jack is an excellent writer & i'm gonna miss reading his posts. if you didn't get to read him, i'm sorry. he rocks. i'm not sure what ever happened to tj but he was another one that i loved to read. now, steverino is one i check in on everyday. for every one that quits another one comes along. when i die, (whether literally or just in blogdom) i want to go out blazing on this blog. my fingers typing swiftly to get the last words in as i leave this big ole shit hole full of the assholes that made blogging experience a hell. i've found a new site that i think might prove to be interesting for bloggers. check it out here . maybe this will help with the jerks. maybe we should create a page for just the jerks to go bitch about what they saw or read & they'll leave us alone.
man, i shouldn't have had the green peppers on that pizza. i've got heartburn. i think i'm gonna drink some of the pink shit & go to bed.