Thursday, February 03, 2005

Losing A Tradition

sonnys birthday was on tuesday. usually i call him at 2:34 am to wish him a happy birthday & remind him what mommy was going through at this time however many years ago. i remind him of the pain of child birth & how stupid i got with the drugs they gave me. i tell him how his head was all football shaped when he came out. how my dad asked if his head would stay like that. i tell him about the green tennis shoes that just went up the alley. about the brown n serve measles that i was worried about having & spreading. this year i didn't. he has too many kids to deal with should i wake them all up. especially just to remind him of these silly things. it's been a great tradition for us. we shared it with no one. but i think i'll just do it when his birthday falls on a weekend now. don't u hate letting a tradition die?
hubby & i rented the forgotten this weekend. have u seen it yet? great movie. i was engrossed the whole time, the 2nd time around. the first night we watched it i got so tickled i had to watch it again just to really see it. i laughed harder than i've laughed in a long time. have u seen this movie? it has a good story line & at one point it gets into a really drastic 'must stop them' kinda phase & without giving the movie away, one scene came as a total surprise & hubby threw himself so hard (jumping from the surprise) he left the couch. bouncing it off the wall. i truly laughed so hard i cried. i think he was embarrassed for being caught so off guard. after awhile though he saw the humor in it & got a good laugh at himself.
i'm so tired right now i could fall asleep right here so i'm gonna sign off before i do.
g'night all..