Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shooting Off My Mouth

blogspot sucks!!! you suck! i just finished a big, long post & bloggers' servers must be down. it lost the whole thing. so my great big, long, great post is now floating somewhere out there in cyberspace. don't you hate when that happens? and you know that was the best post i'll ever write. my creative spirit was just flowing. well, in my world. but my skies can be purple too. i'm imaginative like that.
so, does this mean i'm gonna be banned from blogger & the blogworld? do you think they'll blackball me for talking bad about a blog net? i can see the new headlines now. 'blogger arrested for bitch post'. they'll take all my web priviledges away & confiscate my computer for evidence. where will they lock me up at? maybe in cyberspace too? when my family wants to visit me they download me & after so long their computer will freeze, losing my connection & have to restart their computer. visiting hours are over & back to lockdown i go. think i'll need commissary? will i need a shower living in cyberspace? or will they just let me stink since nobody can smell me anyway?
eweww, please someone try to get me a toothbrush. i can't stand to not brush my teeth. well, think about that one for me.
but let me reiterate....blogspot still sucks.
night all


Rainex said...

Lindy-check 'edit posts'
'cos maybe it's there as draft
or something. I've been on
Blogspot for 1yr and only
lost one post permanently
and of course that was also
the best I'd ever written!

ML said...

Yah same here.. they often disappear with an error but then I find them in the list! Weird