Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here Comes Doggy Valium

little ms m has been having seizures again lately. damn, i was hoping we were done with that. it had been almost 7 months since her last one & that was brought on by a very stressful day of events for her. including several doggy visitors that weren't invited.
the very first time she ever had one was when our last chihuahua died in the bed with us. ms m was new to the family at the time. all of us in the bed & about 3 am gingy kind of shook & kicked her leg out waking all of us & then took her last breath. both hubby & i had a hand on her at the time just loving her in our half sleep state. thinking she just wasn't comfortable but immediately realized she stopped breathing. so did ms m cos she flung herself off the bed within 5 minutes & bounced down the hall way. i thought 'did she see a mouse or what?' but when i caught her & tried to pick her up she was stiff & her eyes were glazed over. i recognized it cos gins' mommy had seizures when she was a puppy but out grew them as she got older.
i took her to the vet but she was only having one about every few months & the vet said he would have to examine her during one of her seizures or do a lot of expensive tests on her & wanted to keep her in the office for a week. if you knew how 'up our butts' she is you'd know why we couldn't leave her in that office for a week without us. she cries & howls all day when we go to work. (our neighbors have told us this) when we get home in the evenings she jumps clear over us with excitement. she's so excited that she screams & cries then too. if you were standing outside listening you would think we were beating her to death. but really, it's not like that.
i explained ms m's living condition to the vet as to how i came to have her. my sister ranie lived in what is known as 'over the rhine' & told me that the girl that owned ms m moved off throwing rocks at her as she pulled off with her last load of furniture. leaving ms m to fend for herself. she slept outside with no protection. nobody fed her. she fought with every dog on the block for anything she got and that was mostly fish heads & scales from the guys that fished & threw the shit in the yard as they cleaned the catch of the day.
over the next month or so ranie kept telling me stories about the mistreatment this dog endured. finally the story that broke the camels back. she had snuck into an apartment to get something to eat & when they found her they picked her up & threw her out the front door which was 6 steps up from the ground. after they threw her that far they came out & kicked her down the 20 or more steps to the street. ranie said she cried watching what they did to this dog but the guy was a drunk that she was afraid of. the dog kinda crawled/pulled herself out under a parked car cos she couldn't go any farther. later ranie went to try & find her but she was gone. when i pulled up to pick ranie up for work that day we asked about the dog & the people told us they hadn't seen her since last night but if they did they would kill her. she was there when we got home & it took us about 20 minutes to coax this dog to us using whatever means we could find. she wouldn't even come for food. she was moving slow & limping. she had a snarl on her face & blood around her mouth. she was a grey dog with a few blacker markings on her head & back. her hair was short & all matted. i was afraid she might have mange cos there were some bald spots. she was the nastiest smelling thing i had ever been near & i've smelled some pretty nasty things so i bathed her as soon as we walked in the door. she turned out to be white with a black head & black saddle with long silky hair. she was very timid & shook for the first 3 days i had her but from the time i took her out of the tub she layed next to me & wouldn't leave my side. every step i took she was right beside me. she still is to this day. she still has issues out the wazzoo, too. she won't stop barking at anyone that comes into my house with a ballcap on unless they turn it around. she gets freaked out in thunder storms & if you scare her too bad she has a seizure for sure. (sometimes if she gets too excited she has them too.) or if someone acts like they're gonna hurt one of us she goes into attack mode which then turns into a seizure.
the latest was at 6 am this morning. i'm not sure what brought this one on. it could be she heard something outside while we slept. it could be that she was dreaming & something scared her in her dream. it could have something to do with the fact that the bird has taken to landing on her back or head. she's so jealous over hubby & i that the bird gets ignored alot just so not to upset her. you'd think the bird would stay away from her the way she drools when she looks at him. she kinda looks like she'd give her front leg to eat him. she's started chasing him if he lands on the floor, too.
she always greets us at the door barking hysterically when we get home from work. today she wasn't at the door & she wasn't barking. we knew something was wrong the minute we got out of the car. we came inside calling her & looking for her. finally she turned up back in the back bedroom on the bed under the covers.
she was having another seizure. but she was trying to wag her tail at the same time. i love my poor abandoned doggy. i've heard they have more advanced ways to help animals with seizures so back to the vet we're gonna go.
wish us luck.