Monday, May 09, 2005

And Thats How That Went

to begin with let me tell you my plans never seem to happen the way i want. i was running late as always. dropped hubby off at his mom's & went to see mom arriving an hour later than planned. we had a great day. nobody cooked we all just chipped in & brought something. the menu was simple but plentiful & lots to choose from. we had fried chicken picked up from kfc, grilled taters with herbs & butter, baked beans, pasta salad, chips of all kinds, cole slaw, fruit dishes, cakes & cookies of all sorts. i know i'm not remembering everything but there was table after table of goodies. jammer was the star of the day & man, did he ham it up. he was always smiling at someone that either had a video camera or a digital camera. at one point he was given a hose & sprayed everyone. they played with water balloons & a slingshot that stretched to be about 4 foot long they lobbed balloons with all the way down to the next farm. we all played corn hole, (hahaha i said corn hole. that just cracks me up) tossed hard ball, hit golf balls, ate again & just had an absolute great day.
when i left moms nipper made me promise i would stop by her house to pick up forgotten christmas gifts. on my way there i passed dads house & there was a crowd of people in the yard. i haven't seen dad since jammer was 6 months old & he's now 2 years old. i couldn't resist so i stopped by to visit my dad. he took the kids for rides on the horses. he tried to talk me into riding a new horse he just picked up. last time he did that the damn horse was a really mean horse & decided to take me to the barn. no matter how hard i pulled on his reigns he wouldn't stop. i tried 3 times to turn him around & head for the hills & 3 times he turned back around. dad gave the kids candy, money & generally just spoiled them rotten. i think he was really glad to see us. and he told me to call him & come see him more often. maybe he's getting soft in his old age.
i fought with hubby all morning for being drunk & no help. except another kid to get together. that's what made us run late. i had to do laundry for him to have exactly what he wanted to wear cos he didn't mention the night before that the outfit he wanted was dirty. i fixed french toast for the kids while that was going. still hoping that i would be reasonably close to my time schedule.
on the way home i blew a spark plug right out of my motor. i drove the car home anyway but it was embarrassing. it was really loud.
sonny bought me flowers & a sappy card that made me cry.
so all in all a lot of good with a little bad.
happy day to me!!!