Monday, May 23, 2005


i reached 500 visitors today. whoa hoa. thank you to all of you that have helped to get me here. i love the friends i've made. two in particular come to mind, mental laundry & mad becka. you can read them here (btw. thanks for linking me. i'm so honored.) & here . and she has to stop giving away my secrets (especially to family, they can't know how crazy i am) i read them faithfully everyday. check them out sometimes, i think you'll like them.
it's been kinda slow around here lately.
the garden contest deadline is getting closer & you should see my garden. my heart shaped bushes are heart shaped again. the colors are bursting everywhere. now if i could get him to clean the patio off i think he could have a shot at winning. they promised him the contest wasn't about what the patio or house looked like, that the garden was the only thing taken into consideration, but you can't tell me that if the front of the house looked nice it wouldn't have some pull. this is really just my way of getting him to build me another deck. the last one literally rotted right out from under us. i still hated to see it go though, i was the one that built it. a girlfriend had some leftover lumber & we pitched together & built it while the guys were at work. they took over when they got home & finished up the floor of it & tried to claim it as there own but we all knew who really put the damn thing together. i loved sitting on the deck & looking out over the garden. plus i could hang my bird feeders really high off the deck & the cats couldn't get to the birds as they ate. i have a family of martins that live in my pine trees out back & cardinals & humming birds that come back every year. one of the humming birds is actually brave enough to come into the front door & hover there to say 'hi'.
oh, today is our wedding anniversary. the 13th anniversary to be exact. i bought him a slab of ribs that was shipped from north carolina. supposedly the best ribs in the world. he bought me a new 35 mm camera with a built in flash. i wanted to buy him a divorce but i couldn't afford it. at least not right now. he's just gotten back to work so i'm gonna need some time to save for that one. aww, lets face it, i hate to start over. don't you? theres so many diseases out there & it takes up to 10 years for some of them to surface. thats the last thing i need so, maybe i'll just put up with him. who knows maybe he'll fall off another tree & break something other than his collar bone.
well, gotta go. gotta read some blogs......


Rainex said...

Ahh thanks and congratulations!

ML said...

"maybe he'll fall from another tree"...

Thats what I like about you.. complete romantic at heart! LOL

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Aww, honey, you just don't know how much I'd like to love him to death!!!
Rainex, I see my in. While you need a place to hang, we bump into each other in a bar. ??? Can you see the outcome?