Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Little Piece Of Heaven

i am absolutely in my heaven. right now, my babies are here with me, i'm watching tracy chapman live, sitting at my pc, dinner is over & bathes have been given. all the girls are sleeping & jammer is on my lap telling me how much he loves me. yes, i am biased. i love all my grandkids but jammer has a special spot in my heart. come on. you have to understand, not only does he look exactly like his dad (my only baby) but i watched him come into this world, heard his first sound & was one of the first 2 people to hold him minus the nurse & doctor that delivered him. i'll never have this again. honey had everything tied this time & with 3 kids already i can't see sonny wanting anymore with another woman.
its time for night night. jammer just took my face in his little hands & told me 'you sing, memaw.' i asked him what he wanted me to sing. 'bye, bumpkins, daddy , hunting.' so i guess i'm singing 'bye baby bumpkins' to the present day love of my life.