Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Long Beautiful Hair! Hair! Hair!

last week, friday to be exact, honey called me at work & said jammer wanted to talk to me. he got on the phone.
'memaw i need to see you.'
'well, memaws' at work right now but you're coming to see me tonight & i'll meet you at my house. ok?'
'ok. memaw i gotta talk to you.'
when they walked in the house jammer pointed at his head & said, 'look memaw, what mommy did. she made me soo mad'.
i didn't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. he was so cute but omg, his beautiful long blond curls were gone. he looked like a little man with his grownup boy haircut.
we've been talking about it wouldn't be long till it would need to be cut but until i saw it gone i didn't realize how much i loved his long gorgeous curls.
and his reaction really tickled me. mommy said he wouldn't sit still for her. well, i guess not as bad as he didn't want it to be cut. it turned out just a bit too short. she had to shave around the edges to even it up. cos he fought her so hard. poor baby.
we just keep telling each other that it's hair & it'll grow back.
on sunday when they came to pick the kids up she handed me a little plastic packet. you guessed it. one half of the curls were in the bag.
i hope when he gets alittle older he lets it grow out just to see if it stays curly. his daddys hair is about to his waist. he keeps it pulled back & has several bands down it to hold it in place. but he has really pretty hair too & curly.
well, i've gotta get ready for bed.
did anyone watch the american idol outcome tonight? carrie underwood won. thats who i was pulling for. i give them all credit for being brave enough to try but hurray for carrie.


Rainex said...

I am a bad mother (I know)
but the way I've always got
my boys to do stuff is
bribery! Kids will sit for
haircuts if they think they
are getting a toy, a book or
a happy meal! Less stress all round I say!