Friday, May 20, 2005

Living Without Life Savers

sorry that most of my latest posts have been downers. i've been in a very blue mood lately. not only has there been 2 more deaths in my family but with the dog having seizures & work piling up i've been frazzled to the bone. not having any time off, between work & the kids, i think i'm losing my mind. (course would i miss it?)
my favorite uncle past away last monday. uncle sherrill. i lost a cousin on tuesday. there are the 3 deaths & has anyone ever heard the old wives tale about a bird flying in the house? well, honey had a bird fly in the house on the day before mothers day. the saying goes if a bird flies into the house someone will die. (then there's the whole deaths come in threes thing.)
i've attended a layout on thursday for the last 2 weeks & theres been a funeral on friday another layout on friday & funeral on saturday.
i'm done.
of my moms 11 siblings we are down to 1 brother & 4 sisters.
we have to stop meeting like this. its actually a running joke that the only family reunion we ever have is a funeral. i've seen more of my aunts & uncles in the last 2 weeks than i've seen in the last 5 years & i thank god that i at least did see uncle sherrill one more time while he was alive. i want to make a promise right now to the rest of my aunts & uncle. i solemnly make this promise, to each one of you, i will never let another year go by without calling you. hopefully we can make plans to see each other soon each time i make this call. if not see each other we'll make plans to contact each other soon with a time that we can visit. i know we all have hectic lives & its hard to find time to do the things we want to do as opposed to the things we have to do. but i want to cherish the family i have left. they are all a part of my mother that i've neglected. i'm ashamed of myself having to admit that.
my sisters & i talked among ourselves & reunited with cousins we haven't seen in up to 30 years. we all talked about some of the different things we remember about each of the aunts & uncles. then some of the aunts & uncles shared memories with us that they had. its amazing the memories we have when we all get together. aunt franny even reminded me of my not being able to say franny when i was a baby so i called her 'aunt b'. before we lose anyone else i want to be able to say that we've heard all the tales from the aunts & uncles that there were ever to tell.
uncle bill had a pink cadillac.
grandma was the sweetest woman you could ever meet & she always rocked each of us to sleep by bouncing her foot over the side of the bed.
aunt betty died from eating dirt.
ranie put life savers in uncle sherrills pocket cos you never caught him without them.
goodbye uncle sherrill.


ML said...

I think family has to be one of the hardest things that we deal with in a lifetime.
We worry about them whether they are around and even when they aren't. Families are the one thing that can truely make or break your life if you let them.

Rainex said...

Sorry about your losses.
But isn't it strange how
at funerals you can have
so much fun? Not in a
disrespectful way or
anything, just by being with
quite a few people that you

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

It really is strange but I pray for their protection everyday. And I can never die cos who's gonna take care of my aliens? Rainex you said it exactly. You feel guilty just smiling.