Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Superstition On Its Way

our little community watch is having a best garden contest. they are always on people in the community about 'pride & partnership'. we should keep our yards clear of toys, grass trimmed, house freshly painted, yata, yata, yata. they are offering a one hundred dollar bill to the best garden. give you 2 guesses as to who is investing lots of money & time in this stupid project. hubby is a sucker for a little attention, especially when it comes to his garden. its his pride & joy. (next to me of course, gag) so i guess i'm gonna get propositioned pretty soon to help in the yard work. he's mentioned that he could get the kids involved but only after he talked to a few neighbors that mentioned they were entering the contest & had lots of helping hands to volunteer their time. i think it kind of made him mad that they weren't doing it on their own. one guy has 4 of his best buds coming in on the weekends to help him turn over & plant new things. almost renewing his entire garden. hubby has been looking at me with puppy dog eyes when he talks about the garden & the contest. its his only peace & quiet. i know i'll help him when the time comes. i'm a softie like that.
my old boss stopped by the office to see us monday. she's visiting from fl. with her in-laws for their 50th wedding anniversary.
forgot to mention yesterday. i talked to aunt peach from fl. she was visiting for the weekend, as well, calling as many as she could get hold of to say hi & vistiting some to talk old times.
she managed to get to see her 2 oldest & sickest brothers. i'm glad she did & i know she's glad she did too.
aunt margie called to let me know that uncle bill passed away on sunday. i haven't seen uncle bill in a few years & i'm sorry i'll never get to talk to him again. when i was little uncle bill & uncle sherrill would toss me back & forth thru an opening above a huge door my grandma had.
they had nipper convinced they were bringing her a bucket of nuts & bolts cos she needed iron in her blood & eating them was the only way she could get it. uncle sherrill played a mean guitar in his hay day. they say things come in threes especially death. everyone expects uncle sherrill to go next.
so, i had 3 visits from people i least expected. i'm afraid to ask who the third death may be.


ML said...

I always read your posts with a southern drawl in my mind! funny that.

Rainex said...

I love your posts Lindy,
they always feel homey
and a bit mad, but they
are great!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Thank you both. Actually ML I am from the south of Kentucky so the southern drawl really exists. And Rainex, I read you. How mad does that make me? I love reading both of you as well. I don't know what I would do without you.

ML said...