Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cruising The Hood

i've mentioned that i drive an hour to get to work. i live in the country, although i'm only 10 minutes from the big mall, theres just no work right close that you can make any money at. (not that i make a lot of money) but if you go into the city you have a better choice of jobs & money. so, everyday mon-fri. i make the drive. the scenery isn't too bad (except for all the dead animals i see) & until i hit the city the heat doesn't really get to me. apparently, it strikes the sanity of the city folks really hard. the heat that is. everyday is an adventure getting to work between the idiot drivers & the crazies hanging out on the street corners. there was this one day last week when i saw a fight between 2 women on the corner in crack town. you can only guess what the fight was over when you heard one bitch yell at the other one that she wanted her money. these idiots stand there & yell, 'hey! crack here, get your crack here.' just like they're selling beers at the ball games & shit. once i hit town i crunch down in my seat, crank up the windows & lock my doors. i'm hoping the stray bullets whiz over my head & noone is smart enough to smash my window to get to me. by the looks of most i don't have anything to worry about. when god passed out smarts these people were in line for cracks, thinking st. pete said crack. i guess some of them are kinda pitiful. they came out as junkies & didn't have a chance.
last week on my way through town i saw a cute little poodle racing down a hill from a house heading straight for the street in front of me. i saw it, i stopped & waited for the critter to cross the street. which it did without ever looking either way. hubby gets upset with me for this kind of shit cos it doesn't matter if its a dog, a deer or a bird...when i see it coming i stop & let it cross. well, as i'm sitting there watching the dog reach the other side of the street i catch a glimpse of a man running from where the dog came from. he was a pretty big man so i looked over at him wondering what in the shit is he chasing this little bitty dog for. as i turned he started waving his arms up in the air like he was hailing a jet plane. i noticed he had a white cape & hard hat on. he was yelling at any traffic coming down the street to stop for the dog. guess he wanted fresh meat for breakfast. all i could think was run! forest! run! (thats what i named the dog immediately). i raised my head a little bit & asked 'yours?' he said 'no, lives across the street. damn dog was eating my fins'. huh? i don't know if he had a speech impediment or what but about that time i realized the cape was a straight jacket that had come untied & was flapping behind him. i didn't ask no more questions. i just rolled up my window & went on to work.
this week has been both hubby & my dads birthday. hubby had several wishes that i had to grant. damn! obligatory wifey things among others including a nice dinner. all in all not a bad day. dad still hasn't even gotten a card. sperm donor that he is i haven't gotten that far yet. i'll get to it sometime today. he's probably out drinking & riding with his new horse (i mean wife) anyways.
well, gotta go. time to hit the pool.


Rainex said...

When it's D's birthday-
no you don't want to go
there! Suffice to say
he makes me do extremely
rude things indeed!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Thats husbands for you. Thank god it only comes around once a year. Heh?

Rainex said...

Oh I wouldn't say that!