Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Fabulous Four

this weekend has been beautiful. its been so ungodly hot you couldn't stand to step outside. not this weekend though. perfect weather for a perfect weekend.
the twins are growing like weeds & definately coming out of their shyness. such little independent ladies. i went to the store on sat. planning on leaving all the kids at home. i wasn't gonna be gone more than a few minutes but when i got to the car i looked back to see them both standing at the door with their little purses hung on their arms waving for me to wait for them. they were dressed to match & i had been playing dress up with them. they looked so cute with their hair all done up with ribbons, lipstick on & carrying the little matching pink purses i just couldn't say no. i miss them when their not here but i couldn't do 4 kids every weekend. its draining. jammer alone is equal to 2 kids & depending on ixxie's mood she can be anywhere from 0 to 4. sometimes all within an hour. she sure is moody. give me a normal, adjusted growing kid anyday. i'm fine with that. the twins really don't take much out of me. their so independent & trying to be all grown up. they mostly play & entertain themselves. still, i remember why i wanted a boy so bad & why i only had one. i'll write more later. tonight i have to go to bed.