Monday, August 21, 2006

Shave & A Haircut

i've just sent the aliens on their way. this weekend has been very busy with everyone going back to school &/or starting school. we took them all to get new haircuts & pictures made. we shopped for school supplies/clothes & spent lots of money. they had a great weekend. thats whats important to me. just that i made an impression on the twins for their first year at school. i did it with ixxie & i'll do it for jammer. hopefully, i'm still around for jammer next year. see, i've already imagined that i may not be around for jammer when he starts school. i have to stop this negative lifestyle. i'm strong & i'll be around for many, many more years. besides, doesn't the song say 'only the good die young'? maybe i'm not so good that i'll die in the very near future. maybe i'm so mean that i'll last out all the good people. it's gonna be 3 weeks before i get their pictures back. in the name of technology i can't believe it takes that long to get photos back. jeez, do these people live in the age of forever or what? seems like they should just be able to email you the proofs, make your picks & print them out. what the hell takes so long? come on people! is like lightning fast. why can't we just use its potential? i guess as long as someone has a finger in it they earn a paycheck. man, if i ruled the world things would be different. email & the internet is the shit & the way to go. anyway, my way to go. course that would mean lots of people with nothing to do except send email. whoa, wait, even a monkey can do that. note to self...train more monkeys.
jammer naturally got mad at us while we were shopping. i don't even remember why now. but threatened to run away. 'i'm mad & i'm running away.' he declared. i asked if he wanted to do that now or wait till after lunch. i told him we were gonna do something special for lunch he may want to wait & make his decision then. he agreed that he'd wait till after he saw what the treat was. after all the shopping & haircuts we took everyone to wendys for lunch. it is a special treat cos we eat at home mostly. in the last 3 years we've had them in a total of 4 restaurants for a total of 6 times. once there he got mad again & said he was running away after we ate. wendys has a donation contraption hanging in the restaurant that has lots of really cool things inside. i don't remember what all was in the damn thing but i remember a truck & coin counter. anyway, it was full of things that jammer thought was cool & he proceeded to try pulling it off the wall. when i told him he couldn't have it i had applied the last rule. he was so pissed & proceeded to tell me just about how pissed he was & he was definitely running away as soon as we got home. i said we're taking naps first. ok? no, that wasn't working for him. he wanted to run away as soon as possible.
when he got home i asked him if he wanted to pack some toys, take his blanket or should i fix him a nilk (what he calls his cup with a leak proof lid). he didn't want any of those things but he told me he did love me & he was gonna miss me but he was running away. he had on the sandals i bought him that cost like 25.00 dollars so i told him he needed to leave his expensive shoes & wear the cheap ones. it'll look good for you to be wearing the cheap shoes if anyone wants to feel sorry for you, i told him. besides someone else can use them. they'll fit the twins if you're not gonna wear them.
he changed his shoes & out the door he went telling me again how he was gonna miss me.
hubby went out the back door as he went out the front door to keep an eye on him. he went next door & knocked.
when someone opened the door he asked the kid if he could come outside. the kid yelled for his mom & jammer booked it home.
he came in the door so fast hubby didn't have time to get back inside. he was breathing hard at me (actually imagine fast panting) like he'd been running for hours although he had only been gone for less than 5 minutes.
oh my goodness, are you ok? why are you breathing so hard? did someone chase you? did you get scared?
yeah, (with a pause for dramatics) i went...up the...street....i....stopped friends house. i was gonna...ask him to run away with me...but he yelled for his mom. i was...scared he was gonna...get in ran home.
so you ran all the way home?
yeah, i didn't want his mom to be mad at him.
so, you came home? does that mean you aren't running away anymore?
yeah, i'll talk to him later.
well, i'm glad you decided to come back home. i missed you.
ok, memaw. i just need to rest so don't talk, ok?
ok, i won't ask anymore questions.
thanks, memaw. but i missed you while i was gone!
he gave me a hug, a kiss & went off to play.
damn, i'm gonna hate it if he has to run away everytime i get a hug & a kiss.