Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Shower

another gorgeous weekend. the weather has been perfect. sunshine, no rain with low humidity. i could live somewhere with weather like this year round. the weather wasn't the only thing perfect this weekend.
remember i told you my niece is getting married in fla. sometime in october? well, nipper threw a wedding shower for her this weekend. jammer & i attended alone & had a blast. he sure knows how to play a crowd. the boy made me proud. he was adorable, sharing, sweet, thoughtful & helpful. i didn't know he had it in him. he also tried to swipe the box of potato chips in the end. i can't lie....he loves him some potato chips.
nip had everything layed out so beautiful. since the wedding is in fla. she had used seashells & sand for decoration with yards & yards of gossamer everywhere. honest, i think she could have made a whole wedding gown with all the gossamer she had put around the room. i loved it. she had pictures of the happy couple setting along the food table that looked like a couple of models. i want to know how 2 people can look that perfect. honestly, they looked like a couple that would be in the picture frame when you buy it. i wish i could show you but i didn't get copies of these pictures. i guess mom didn't think i needed to be privy to them.
nipper also had a collage of pictures hanging on the wall behind the cake that consisted of them as they grew up. such a great idea. the colors were violet & white with a 3 tier cake & she had a whole table full of gifts. they already bought a house. yes, bought! lock, stock & barrel so, she has already started the fix up & color scheme. (lucky little twirps. when i got married i had to match & patch in an apartment that had nothing that went together.)
nipper certainly knows how to throw a party. she had another table full of food. people were sitting around drooling for the food long before the shower ever started. as a matter of fact, one of the woman asked if she could go ahead & start eating before the guests had finished arriving. sis told her it would just be a few more minutes while the last of the stranglers wandered in so jammer shared his grapes with everyone. the bride sat in a white rocker while her mother read a beautiful poem about her growing from the busy little kid to the mother that she would some day be that brought tears to every eye. we ate as she opened gifts & all in all it took at least an hour to get through all the gifts. it was a great time for everyone. i think nipper did herself proud. i know i was proud of her. she sure put alot of work into this. and moola, i'm sure. but being the sweetie she is i know she loved every minute of it. cheers to you nipper for all your hard work & shopping to make everything perfect for the baby bride. she was so happy & she actually glowed. you did good!!!!
on our way home i asked jammer if he had a good time & he said 'yeah, but feeding all those girls was hard work.' i answered 'but you did it & did you know jesus feed thousands with 7 loaves of bread?' he added 'wow, i have to talk to him'. he fell asleep on the ride. wonder if he dreamed of helping jesus?
ok.....gotta go.