Thursday, August 17, 2006

In True Lindy Fashion

shit or not to shit. that is the dilemma. i don't usually share this stuff with you concerning my ageing but this getting old crap really sucks great big snotty boogers. my back has gotten where it aches all the time. i think in part this is due to always being used as a katrinka around the house. (thats the strong woman in the circus for those of you that don't know) anytime something had to be moved throughout my entire life i was the one chosen to grab an end. it has been that way as long as i can remember. the couch needed to be moved to the other side of the room, lindy can grab one end. a dresser needed to go up the stairs, lindy can grab one end. the car needed to be moved to the other side of the driveway, lindy can grab one end. yeah, thats an exageration, of course, it could be driven but you get my point. no matter how big or how small i was always elected to help move it. resulting in my nagging backache now that i'm older. well, thats giving it a little too. my back has actually hurt me since i was about 13 years old. i remember standing at the ironing board for hours back then thinking i was gonna die if i didn't get to sit down for a minute. thats just one of the cantankerous things that hurt. for the last few years i've been prone to migraines. doc holiday says this is known as premenapausal migraines. menapause because my periods are now coming about every 2 weeks. i couldn't be one of the lucky ones that skip months. oh no, i have to be one of those that start having them in duplicate. my latest bitch is my shit has forgotten the way out. i've gone for up to 7 days without being able to take a decent shit. i think this is in part to the hemorroids i have from childbirth. (thank you sonny for hanging onto my insides for 4 days.) but i'm a self diagnoser so i think this is all leading up to cancer. until i see my doctor again i'll be building this out of proportion in my mind. the not being able to go potty really makes it hard to sit still in an office where entry at a computer is what i do. hubby in his most serious face (with a slight smirk hiding behind his eyes) suggests i carry a donut with me to sit on. that won't give away the fact that my ass hurts to any onlookers, right? although, now that i think about it that might just help with my posture, too.
i think the cancer thing comes from news about my dad. i just recently found out that they found cancer cells in a prostrate test he had. its scary but they told him they found it early enough & they don't think it will kill him for another 100 years. i hope the 100 year thing runs in the family & not the cancer thing.
k...gotta go. i have 4 aliens that are trying to kill each other with their tentacles right now. i only know this cos my extra sensory perception is tingling & they are being waaaaay tooooo quiet.


Rainex said...

Lindy don't speculate
until you know all the
facts. You are scaring
yourself (and us!) hope
you are ok, get to a GP
and let us know soon that
it's nothing.

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

I have an appt. with my gp next saturday. I'll let you know as soon as i do. Like I said though, I'm a worrier & always blow these things out of proportion. Thanks for your concern. Now, whats happening with Allen? And the twins? Are you gonna do em all at once? Sick, I'm just plain sick, huh?

Rainex said...

Yes Lindy you are!