Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spy Fuckers

finally. is blogger sick or is still just me? it has taken forever to open a new post. and i mean fooorrrrreeeeeevvvvaaaahhhhhh! when i signed off last week everything was fine but when hubby signed on the next day some stupid antispy program came up, froze the computer & wouldn't let us sign into any of our emails. most programs as a matter of fact. i couldn't even get google to come up. no matter what has hit the computer i've always been able to get google up thankfully, cos thats where i get my answers from. i'm totally lost without it. want a quick fix? ask google. want a driver? ask google. want to know what your symptoms mean? ask google. its my personal free fix it all. i was lost without it, literally driving blind, so to speak. so the worldantispy thingy came up on the 21'st & i tried looking into safe mode to see if i could fix it. of course, keep in mind hubby is signing in everyday to see if anything has changed. plus, i'm checking google at another pc to find answers. then signing in to make those fixes happen. before i thought about it we had passed all our last 5 saved registry entries that you're supposed to be able to restore back to. and we were pretty much fucked! the only thing we could get to open was the isp that we pay for & everything i tried was automatically undone cos this spy program even knew when i was trying to delete it & reapplied itself. what a shithead! who thinks these things up? turns out it was a trojan that hijacked the computer. at least it wasn't a destructive virus.
i still have no idea how we got this thing. hubby swears he hasn't been to any porn sites. which is where they've come from in the past. he says the only thing he's done is read his newspapers & emails. he gets newspapers from around the world but i know they wouldn't have a spy attached to them. i mean i know everything has cookies but this was different. it added a key to my registry that i found by running our anti-virus program.
i don't know if cruising blogs can stick it to you or not. (guess i should ask blogger, huh?) i love to read random blogs but if thats a threat i can do without it. i'm also a member of blogexplosion which you can use to get traffic. again, i can lose all that if it means not getting any stupid shit downloaded into my pc. sigh....i'm gonna miss it but until i find out where this came from you can bet i'm gonna be alot more careful.
to make a long story shorter, i finally remembered i had saved a registry in my documents just in case of something like this. last night i applied that & viola! that quick i can sign into all my accounts again. the pc is running a tad slower so i know the damn thing left remnants of its program in there but right now i'm just happy to be back on the net.
this weekend will be spent running hijack this, cwshredder & constant checking on google to remove the entire thing.
wish me luck. i can use it. until then if you don't see much of me hitting your site, you know why.