Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Take A Number

can you tell that hubby isn't working alot of hours? when he works a full day he gets home about the same time i do. if he isn't working much he gets home much earlier & does his thing on the pc so when i come home its free.
yayyy, for me. booo for me. yay because he's done with the pc when i get home but boo for me cos he ain't making much money. he also gets alot more drinking time which really pisses me off cos i hate it when he's drunk by the time i get home. i hate it even worse when he doesn't work all day & is drunk before i even go to work in the morning. either way, the pro is i have my time on the pc...con, he stays drunk. can't win...just can't win. maybe its in my karma.
i guess the older i get the more cantankerous i'm getting. everything pisses me off these days. i've read that road rage is the thing to worry about now. cancer, heart attacks, random shootings, embolisms, stroke, car accidents....the list goes on & on but the newest thing is road rage. its actually been documented as a mental disorder. (jeez don't you love the way these people come up with this shit?) i'm going somewhere with this, honest.
i've always been a verbal driver to myself. when someone does something stupid i mutter out loud about how stupid they are. if you're in the car with me you get to listen to this but for the most part the other driver never hears what i'm saying. i'm alone these days so its mostly just me bitching about the stupid drivers i have to deal with on a daily basis. this week i shocked myself. i'm not usually a forceful driver. not to say that i don't drive fast when nobody is around. but in traffic i tend to take my time & hang back, not really pushing my way into traffic or taking chances that may put me in jeopardy. unlike some of the people that piss me off. they tend to inch their way in front of me & i just kinda let it happen. on my drive home these days i have to go through an area where over the last year they've been building a school. the school is built but there is still construction on the entrance & exit to the school as well as the road surrounding this area. as i left work today i heard on the radio that there was about a 30 minute delay through this area. i bounce around on the radio & i heard this traffic report on 3 different stations. the last station even added that a traffic light was now not working at that particular intersection. (i know i'm not the only one that heard this on top of knowing i'm not the only one that knows this construction is going on) its a 2 lane road but anyone that travels this area knows that the right lane closes & everyone has to merge into the left lane to get through, its been that way for at least 2 months. everyone that travels this route knows that the right lane merges. i've been sitting in this traffic jam everyday for way tooo long & letting the assholes push their way in front of me at the last minute. well, today, i sat in the left lane for my 30 minutes to get through the series of lights. just like i always do. knowing that one of the lights wasn't working, with the other 300 cars that was sitting in the same lane waiting their turn & watched as another 150 cars came up the right lane to pass us to jump in line in front of us. what? they're too good to sit in line & take their turn? are they better than the rest of us? who the fuck do they think they are? the longer i sat there the more aggravated i got. what the radio said was an extra 30 minutes on my drive home was quickly becoming an extra 40 minute commute. do you wanna know what i did? cos i'm gonna tell you. i was still 40 cars deep to get to the light & i straddled the 2 lanes. yep, i blocked the right lane the best i could. yep, some of the smaller cars still squeezed by me but when i got to the orange barrels where the lane ended....i blared my horn at the assholes that tried to crowd their way into my lane. the cutsie young guy looked over at me like i owed him the entrance into my lane. my windows were all down so i yelled out the window at him...'you knew that lane was closed when you got over there? (as he shrugged at me) NO, i've waited my turn & you'll wait your turn somewhere behind me!
my knees were knocking & i felt like an asshole but at least i got throught that fucking intersection without letting one more car in front of me. i tried to make myself feel better by telling myself that i took my turn & didn't jump line. then i thought about a beer line or a movie line. everyone has the common sense to take turns & i was tired of them not recognizing the line system. even if its a 450 person line, you still need to take your turn.
now, i'm mentally worn out. i gotta go to bed & get ready for the same confrontation tomorrow cos i know i didn't teach anyone a lesson. although, i had to laugh as i watched the young asshole back up to the last side street & try to get in at the light instead of pushing his way into the backed up lane.
GO LINDY, you outspoken daredevil..hahahahahaha