Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sending Love Via Internet

i just read that a fellow blogger & his sweet little puppy was hit by a car. go on over & give them some sweet internet love for me if you get a chance. i've tried several times to just link his name & give you the link but i'm tired of trying that. so here is the link. blogger just keeps giving me a message that its not accepted. i've tried it & it'll take you there so shut up blogger. send him some sweet get well's. wouldn't you want that if you had just been hit by a car & didn't feel like doing anything that didn't consist of laying in bed? besides how can you resist the cute face on that pooch?
i have all 4 aliens this weekend so i'm gonna be losing my mind real soon. i still haven't adjusted to having 4 people talking to me at once. yes, multitasking i can do but multilistening i haven't gotten down to a science just yet.
give me break. i only have 2 ears. they have 4 mouthes between them. if they were in different keys i might be able to pull it off but to me it all sounds like jibberish when its all 4 at a time. maybe more practise will help. i know... maybe if i go to sleep listening to 4 different things i'll get it together sooner. practise makes perfect, right?
practise, practise, practise. thats what i'll do.