Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heart To Heart

last night hubby & i sat down & had us a little heart to heart. every now & then we have these little talks. i tell him how i don't know if i heart him anymore & i heart the idea of him moving out & he tells me how he hearts the idea of living his life as a useless drunk & he doesn't heart the idea of not having someone take care of his sorry ass. a few months ago we had one of these little heart to hearts & i let him decide how long he needed to find a job. or move out. he chose may 1st. i think i should have gotten the year too. thats how this one is gonna bite me in the ass. actually, i've decided to just quit bitching about it cos its never gonna happen. i've told him that i've accepted the only way i'm gonna get him out is to have him removed by the cops. since i hate involving the judicial system i'll never take that step. i did talk with a lawyer & just to start the ball rolling would cost me $800.00. she also suggested the first thing we would do is have the cops escort him off the premises. which would cost another $80.00 & every filing after that would cost another $80.00. in the end she had a total of just under $3000.00. thats alot of money in my world. how come a man can get alimony when he doesn't work? he can't make social security pay him but he can make a woman pay him. ain't that ridiculous? what sort of man would live off of a woman even after she kicks him to the curb? go ahead, you can say it,
the sack a shit kind.
on to someone that deserves my money
anyone watching 'american idol'? i think they are doing a great thing with this idol gives back program. i know i voted for an hour & 1/2 to get in as many calls as i could. i've never voted before but then they never had a corporation matching calls with money. if they got 50 million calls they'd make 5 million dollars for the needy kids. i think thats awesome & i wanted to be a part of that. of the ones left i like chris, phil & jordan. i really like jordan but i thought of the guys i couldn't decide so i voted for one at a time till i got through then started voting for the next one. when i got through for each one i started over. jordans number stayed busy the longest & i didn't get as many votes in for her but then i don't think she needs my help. i think she should have it. melinda is a professional & i think thats unfair. although she's a sweet person & very good vocalist i don't think she should be in the competition. she was already in the business & i think this show should be for those that need a foot in the door. lakisha is raising a daughter all alone & i'm sure she needs a break but i don't care much for her voice. blake the beat box is gonna be ok on his own. he's not my kind of entertainment but its a popular sound these days. sanjaya, was a trip. i don't think as long as american idol is on the air, or probably for years after, i'll ever think about that show without remembering sanjaya & william hung. both were personalities that are gonna be hard to shake.
well, i'm done for now.


ML said...

If I were in your situation I'd just secretly sell the house! Not much he could do about that! lol Maybe the next buyer could find a space for him on the porch!