Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spring Has Unsprung

the first part of this week was so beautiful. how could it go back to winter on us like this? i mean, i knew it was gonna get cold again but its in the low 30's & it fuckin snowed here today. as bad as i hate it & the crap came back. someone up there is laughing their ass off at me. probably uncle pete. he always loved a good joke.
this morning i heard on the news that a certain intersection was having trouble with the traffic light. i thought about it & couldn't remember the name of the cross section so i thought i must not go through that intersection. well, i DO, i DID & i almost HIT the cop standing in the middle of the intersection all in black. he had parked his car on the other road so i didn't see it as i came up on the intersection with its pretty lights flashing all yellow, blue, red & white. that would have at least been a hint. the speed limit through there is 50 so i was going oohhhh about 60. on top of that my mind wasn't working all that well yet cos i stayed up too late last night watching the holiday. oh yeah, and my eyes aren't what they used to be. when i realized that little black dot in the middle of the road was a cop i almost shit myself. i was lucky enough that he was looking the other way & motioning us through so he didn't realize how lucky his cute little ass was. they ought to pay closer attention to where they stand when directing traffic. course, so should i.
i've also mentioned the road i travel that has the creek running beside it that sometimes creeps over the road. well, half of the road was gone when i came back home. not under water like usual. i mean it was gone! it fell in the creek. i couldn't stand not knowing what happened so even though the 'road closed' sign was in the road with orange striped barrels all around it i followed a couple other cars & went through the grass to get to the other side. it'll probably take them a month to repair that road. theres about 4 feet of the 2 lane road still standing. just enough space for a small car to get through without going in the ditch. love my little cherry. did i mention thats what i decided to name my le baron? she's a sweet little ride. i've discovered that she needs a new top though. she leaks like a mother fucker with a bladder infection. i checked on prices & its not too bad but it'll be awhile before i can afford to replace it. right now theres too many things i can do with a $120.00 to be wasting it on a thing like staying dry while i drive my cute little car around. it'll be alright. its only my left arm that gets wet so if i sit way over to the right it never gets me.
hubby has applied for social security finally. i've been after him to do this for a while now. he can't drive, he's never feeling quite right & he has to take all this medication so he hasn't got much of a shot with a job. he's tried surveys & they don't ever seem to come through with any money. besides that, if he waits till he's 64 to draw his social security chances are it won't even be there. might as well get it while he can. we could really use it right now. we're just barely making it from pay check to pay check. last week i think we had $1.67 in the bank by the time i got payed. we've cut out any & all the luxuries we ever had. we don't have steak dinners nowadays & lobster or crab is way beyond a consideration. as much as i love my pepsi we can't afford that. i pack my lunch & drink a lot of water instead of going out like everybody else. it doesn't help that all the bills are due the first part of the month either. i get payed twice a month so the first paycheck goes to all the bills just to keep them from turning things off. the second paycheck finishes paying what i couldn't pay out of the first paycheck with a little left over for groceries. then it starts all over again. i can't imagine how big families make it on one income. we're just 2 people & can't do it with what i make. heaven forbid i ever get sick & not be able to work cos then we'd be fucked. speaking of fucked, too bad i'm not 20 or i might be working the street corners.
well, guess i've whined & puned enough for one night.
see ya, later.


ML said...

Tell me about it! I'd forewarned Youngster about the Southern sweatfest he was about to experience when we got there and we ended up in the mall buying sweaters! We've come home to better temperatures!