Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Jammer

i'm missing my babies. i won't be seeing them this weekend. hubbys youngest brother is getting married on saturday so i had to pass on the kids. i actually told babybro that i would wear bells if he ever got married. looks like my time has arrived to get my ding dongs dingling . to appease myself i thought i'd show you some pics of the jammers birthday party. i tried to remove the sunshine coming in the window over snookys shoulder but it didn't work. so i left it alone. after the cake & sing song we played pin the tail on the donkey. how do you like my donkey?
i thought it was cute. some say it was a she ass (i think they were talking about me) some thought it was a he ass. jammer went for the he ass cos its his party & he'll male it all up if he wants to.
then we opened some presents. he loved this robot thingy & of course his motorcycles. he also got new shoes, which didn't impress him. a superman that shook like he was flying, a new sword
cos he broke his old one, some new guns & now, my brain went dead, i just can't remember the rest of what he got. oh well, i have to deal with it so you have to put up with it.
can you tell it was all about the jammer? in my house thats how it goes. i did get some pics of the other kids but who cares? he got lots of toys, had lots of fun & was the center of attention. did you notice the attire? he had to wear his spiderman suit. hey, it was his day so i let him go for it. the girls all wanted to doll it up so they got to wear princess dresses & makeup. i fixed everybodys hair & made sure they were all happy too.
gotta go for now. i have to make sure my girdle is clean & i have pantyhose to wear tomorrow.