Sunday, April 08, 2007

Picture It

Happy Easter to all my good friends & family that stop in. its another cold one this year. i bet it snows again....any takers?
while on my lunch break friday i saw a guy on a bicycle. definitely too cold to be riding a bike, i thought it was kinda weird but then something else struck my funny bone. i heard the distinct rat-a-tat-tat of a card in his spokes. remember when you were a kid & using a clothes pin to attach the playing card on your spoke? this guy had to be in his 40's. it just struck me as kinda odd. i started thinking about bicycles. i never had a bicycle when i was really young. i didn't get my first bike until i was 15 & it was a 10 speed. whenever my friends did the bike ride thing if i was lucky i could borrow my brothers bike or my sisters. that didn't happen often cos they were usually riding it. so, when it came to the gang in the neighborhood getting together for one of their bike excursions i missed out. i'd sit in my window seat & watch as 15 or 20 kids rode by on their adventures & cry because i couldn't join them. usually my brother & sister was among them. the 10 speed i finally got was a hand me down from my grandmother. my parents gave it to me for christmas & made a big deal out of it cos they paid $15.00 for it. by that time all my friends were riding in cars getting ready to get their drivers license. i didn't get my drivers license until i was almost 17. my dad said i didn't deserve them. guess i didn't deserve a bike either. i never asked. i moved back home with my mom when i was 16 & she signed for me to get my license. i didn't get to keep my bike either when i moved out of my dads house. so much for it being mine. my childhood was pretty fucked up. no wonder i'm such a dysfunctional adult. its really weird how the craziest things pop into my mind about my childhood. for the most part i don't remember it until something like the guy riding by on the bike strikes a memory cord.
i keep telling you how my eyes, health, hearing, yada yada are going. you know you're getting old when you forget your way somewhere. back when i first moved to this area i was in my early 20's. i ran around with a cool crowd & dated a muscian. we spent a lot of nights partying it up bar hopping. to get from one bar to another we would take back roads. yes, this was to avoid getting pulled over. yes, it was stupid to drink & drive & i was very lucky that i never had a major accident. but anyway, with this road closing thing coming home friday i forgot until i got half way up the road that it was closed. stupid, stupid, stupid, brain dead, forgetful idiot that i am. i also know how lucky i was the last time i slid around the closed sign & came on up the road anyway that a cop wasn't waiting at the other end to ticket me. i have wised up alot since my drunk stupor driving bar hopping days. so, i turned left & took the detour around the road. traveling along the road i was thinking about the days when we did the bar hopping thing cos this was one of the major back roads we traveled. when i realized, all of a sudden, i didn't recognize any of my surroundings. everything had changed & there was roads i had never heard of. whisper pines, white blossom, joe's road. what the fuck? there was a grave yard i'd never seen & a police station that was never there before. for sure! a police station! i thought i was lost. i thought about calling hubby & asking him to give me directions to get home, i thought about stopping at the police station & asking where the hell i was! people i was panicking! i just couldn't believe i was lost. then out of the blue i came upon an area i did recognize. it was a series of s's & hills where the trees canopied the road. all of a sudden i wasn't so panicked & actually was glad i took that road. it was beautiful. even the snow was a part of the beauty. all the purple of the redbud trees, yellow of the forsythia & the white snow had covered the leaves of the trees to the point that it looked like everything was blooming. even the snow looked like white blossoms everywhere. it was calming, tranquil & familiar. i wish i had my camera to take a pic but if you close your eyes i bet you can imagine it. i finally hit the major drag & came on home but i was glad i got lost or i would have missed that.
god does work in mysterious ways.


Walker said...

Life when we are young looks dysfunctional but as you get older it looks more normal whgen you see others going through the same thing.

We have guys here riding theior bikes all year round and in 2 feet of snow.
I hibernate as a rule lol