Monday, April 02, 2007

One Dollah

i love typing. i could type all day long. oh wait, i do. well, in between all the unhappy people that call me to complain that they want the coupon that went out today to be applied to the steak they bought 2 months ago. thats a metaphor but you get the picture. i need to buy a tape recorder so i can record the answers & just play them back over & over. i just don't get why its so hard for people to accept that if they didn't have the offer when they purchased how can they back up & call do overs? i mean think of it like this. kroger is a big grocery store, known all across the land. they put coupons out that are good for a week at a time. every week they change their coupons. if you go to kroger with a coupon for $1.00 off hamburger & you buy that hamburger with your dollar off coupon this week. then the following week a coupon goes in the paper for $2.00 off hamburger. do you call kroger & demand they give you a dollar back cos you didn't get that coupon last week? or that they should give you a dollars worth of hamburger when you bring that coupon in cos you bought your hamburger last week? i'm talking about a non-profit organization. our prices are reasonable, you can come & spend the whole day, enjoy seeing something new around every corner, jump on a carousel or a train & take a ride or participate in an educational program for less than 19 cents a day. its a hell of a deal especially for large families that don't have a lot of money to blow & thats without a sale. i just don't get it. i'm one of the tightest assholes in the world & i belong. for full price. its well worth it. and i don't call me & complain all the time.
i had a member come in today with his daughter. she saw my fingernail polish & said,
'daddy, dingews wed'.
he didn't catch it at first so i said,
oh, you like my red nails? she nodded.
i held up my other hand & said,
look, what color are these?
wed too.
you are too smart. do you know all your colors?
if you can tell me what color this is i have a surprise for you? i held up a green monkey.
oh, very good. what is your favorite animal?
wup, guess you get this green monkey then, huh?
she was so tickled she squealed. she was still talking about the lady with the red nails as they went out the door. it made me feel good to make that little girl so happy. i'm a pushover for kids that are so easy to please.
the flowers are blooming everywhere & i love the smell of hyacinths when they open. they're calling for some cold weather in the next week & i hate for the frost to kill all the pretty flowers. such a waste. hopefully some will survive. my neighbor has like 90 roses coming up, you know most of them won't make it if it goes back down in the 30's. my daffodils are the only thing still blooming in my garden. most of them have been cut & brought into the house. i hated to cut them but i didn't want them to just freeze. well, i didn't cut them, hubby & the kids did. but they'll last about as long in the house as they would against the freeze & at least, we'll get to enjoy them. they make the house so bright. its nice to walk into a room full of flowers. my in-laws have a shitpile more than we do. everytime you go to visit they have vases everywhere full of iris', daffodils, tulips or what ever is blooming at the time. we'll get to see them on easter. it always smells so pretty at their house.
but for now its 80 & sunny. i don't want to think about the frost thats coming anymore. maybe the weather people will be wrong.
well, gotta go for now. time for some din-din.