Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things Left Undone

the grandbabies have left the building! it has been a busy weekend. since the road cave-in i've been taking different roads home to find the shortest route between point a & point b. which i think i've finally refined. the kids have been moaning that our swings aren't up in the park by the house so on one of my excursions i passed a park that has swings, slides & a jungle gym. it wasn't too far from the house & hubby was all for it. on saturday we picked up a bucket of chicken & sides & headed for the park & proceeded to wear their little butts out. they got lots of fresh air, sunburns & exercise but of course, i think we were more tired at the end of the day than they were. at one point they were pushing us on the swings instead of the other way around. my fat ass & smoking has caught up with me. although i discovered i can still do a cartwheel. my wrists will scream tomorrow but it was all good then.
i wanted to clean the car but that didn't happen. my closets weren't cleaned or the laundry wasnt' done. the housework went undone too, but the kids were happy. the dog wasn't because we left her home alone with the bird. oh, btw, he burned his tail feathers on a lamp. there are certain things that we try to keep him from but he insists on going to. the lamp is one of them. fresh cut flowers are another. he's singing now & his feathers will grow back so he's no worse for wear but it sure did stink.
jammer was certainly glad to see us this weekend. if he told me he missed me once he told me a thousand times. right after he would tell me how much he loved me. we layed down to take a nap & he reached over to hold my hand. he described how he wreaked his bike & scraped his elbows. how he bumped his head on the steps & left the huge bruise i had to kiss. also how my kisses made these things heal better than medicine. snuggling there & laughing & talking with him was a special time. hubby said he sat out in the living room & listened to all of it & how sweet it sounded. i'm thinking i won't get many more years with him that he'll have time to do things like that. he'll outgrow me & have so much more to do on the weekends than lay with memaw & tell her about his week. i'm gonna miss these times.
how was your weekend? did you do anything special?
well, i gotta get ready for work tomorrow. i ain't worth a dime if i don't get my 8 hours sleep.


ML said...

I'll feel your pain tomorrow. We're taking C and his friend Go Karting at the Gokart track.. I ached for days last time!

Walker said...

Oh my cartwheel you are a brave one aren't you?
I tried a carty wheeel I would [probably get the legs up but the arms would fail me and would end up as a pile driver lol

Have a nice weekend

Lindy said...

ML, I've found hot baths to be the only thing that pulls me through these overdoing days. Walker, I was sure my wrists would break but I'm pretty sure I just got lucky.