Saturday, April 21, 2007

To A Child

i tend not to watch the news for anything more than the weather reports. its so horrendous with all the killings, bombings, shootings, drive-by's, rapes & other scary things going on out there. i mean, you know how most people watch a movie with their hand over their eyes? thats how i watch the news. to me its worse than a scary movie cos i can convince myself the movie isn't true & would never happen in real life. lately that isn't so easy to do. just recently a trial was held for the killing of a 3 year old autistic foster child named Marcus Feisel. the killing actually happened early last august. liz & david carroll, the foster parents, pinned Marcus' arms behind his back, covered him in a blanket and then wrapped him completely with packing tape, like a mummy. only the toddler's head was exposed. as Marcus cried out in fear, the couple turned on a fan, shut the door to the 5-by-7-foot closet & left the house for a day-and-a-half to attend a family reunion in kentucky. later, lying to police claimed he disappeared from a park when she fainted from a heart condition. david carroll is also accused of abuse of a corpse for burning the boy's body and throwing it in the river. apparently there was another accomplise in this whole tragedy, a live-in girlfriend to both the carrolls named amy baker. the truth finally came out because she gave the story up for immunity. in ohio. but apparently because kentucky has jurisdiction over the river his body was finally dumped into they can still press charges against her. i saw the picture of that little boy & my heart broke for him. he was just an innocent tool in a money making scam the carrolls were involved in with the whole foster parenting thing. he had been placed with them a mere 4 months before that when he was taken from his mother cos he was found wandering the streets alone. you have to wonder how things like this happen. how could someone tie a little boy up & leave him for any amount of time, alone & afraid? how could someone burn a body & then just dispose of it? what kind of sick mind would think this kind of thing was ok? i can't imagine ever considering anything like this. i look at my little jammer & pray that nothing ever happens in his little world that could expose him to something so horriffic. the girls too. how many people would find a little girl wandering the streets & take her in to rape, abuse & kill her then dump her lifeless body somewhere thinking they'd never be caught. things like this happen all over the world & so many people get away with it. its stories like these that make me not turn on the news. it makes me wander where god was in their lives. I mean why doesn't he do something to help these innocent children. how could he let these things happen? the carrolls were found guilty & will serve life in prison. i don't think thats enough. i think they deserve alot more. torture on a daily basis or something even worse that i can't even dream up. you can only pray that the kids will get their rewards in heaven cos this world sure wasn't fair to them. as always, i will pray for the little children before i go to sleep tonight.
sadly, they need all the prayers they can get.


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