Sunday, March 30, 2008

Exhumed Or Returned..They Always Come Home

two things that happened this weekend that pulls a community together.
1. they exhumed baby angels remains on friday. a toddler found beaten to death & burned nearly 30 years ago that needs closure. i pray they find her killer & this innocent baby can be laid to rest with her real name on a headstone. she deserves it.
2. matt maupin was shown on television with such strength & fear in his face while he was surrounded by gunmen with masks demanding the return of iraqi soldiers in exchange. he was too young to endure what he had to go through. he leaves behind a loving family, wife & son. along with a community that prayed for his safe return every day since his capture. i've worn his pin, with his face on it for 4 years, always hoping for the best but fearing the worst for this kid. finally, he can also be laid to rest with a headstone.
life is cruel.


Walker said...

Its the ones that have been silenced that we have to listen to the most