Friday, May 09, 2008

Bite Me Cos Life Is A Bitch

i know i sound like a bitch to some of you but i thought just to let you in on what i'm dealing with maybe you'd at least have an opinion. tell me if i'm a bitch or if you see where i'm coming from. am i being over expectant? am i asking things from him that he shouldn't be accountable for? or are these things just something that the man of the home should take care of without being prompted?
for starters he worked at the same place i worked. they made acceptions for him so he could ride with me & our hours were the same. then an asswipe took over his department & changed his hours but i agreed to do whatever it took to accomodate his hours. no big deal. the way they change supervisors i didn't think it would last long & we would be back on our joint schedule. instead of working with the new supervisor he took it upon himself to just up & quit. although we discussed how we could work this out...he just quit. you can't draw unemployment for a job you quit. stupid? or not? ok. so here he sits at home, drinking himself silly. he had a seizure in 2006 (brought on by his alcohol). so he can't drive himself. our doctor won't allow that. so now, lucky hubby gets to stay at home. no income. no job. well, ok. i really wish i could get to sit at home but that doesn't seem to be my luck. after all, you have to have someone to support you to get to sit at home. turns out he's the one that gets that priviledge. (damn, why didn't i become a drunk?)
i mentioned, oh, about 2 years ago, that we had a water leak under our home that was costing us cos we not only had to pay for the water leak but its in the hot water hose so we pay for the heated water to leak onto our patio. also we have a leak in the roof so when it rains i sit on the toilet with rain dripping down my back. our bedroom floor needs replacing due to a leaky water bed (from years ago). we have 2 outlets that have been removed & not replaced. he just cut them out of the wall. although we have the plugins to replace them, he hasn't bothered.
the car needs work. lots of work. its overheating right now & we aren't sure why. i pull into the driveway & ask him to check it out but so far he's just unscrewed the radiator top which unleashes the heat & you can't tell then where the problem is at that point. of couse, my common sense tells me he doesn't care where the problem is. just like he doesn't care about anything else.
kiss my ass!!!! sometime this next week, i'm filing for divorce. seriously, check back soon & see for yourself.
i'll be fixing my car all by myself. a chiltons book tells you exactly how to fix anything that needs fixing. thats my next purchase. the rest of the problems, believe me, i can take care of.
he is a high school graduate. he went to college. he's an intellegent man. and he seriously thinks i'm gonna support him. THINK AGAIN...BIG BOY!
This ain't happening.


Anonymous said...

LOL.. oh won't divorce him! I remember you going through this with him last time. Vent it out to us on here and then carry on, you know what he's like....

For what it's worth - you're not being a bitch at all. Contributing to running (not ruining!)your lives and household are a joint effort. Don't support a leech!

Walker said...

You have a right to complain or bitch if you like it.
It must be frustrating to work and see your money disappearing with nothing to show for it.
Sounds like he has given up for some reason.

myabe if you tell him to fix the leaks in the house so that the leaks in your marriage with be fixed to or you'll go out and fund a plumber to deal with your plumbing

Persnickety Ticker said...

Actually...I'm with you on this one girlfriend! Divorce his ass!! I have suffered in the past from drunk-lazy-asshol-itis, and I guarantee that the threat of divorce as well as the actual process is a great cure for that problem. You sound like a strong woman and I am sure you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Don't put up with his BS. You deserve better.

Oh BTW, thank you for being a loyal reader, it means the world to me! Love ya, Girl!