Sunday, May 25, 2008

weirdie mcweirdness

we 're both still dealing with dr. appt for now. i'm on my 3rd of 4 b12 shots & hubby has his stress test scheduled for june 11. i go back for another blood test on the 12th. i've been sticking my finger with a lance for a week now & my blood sugar reading is always around 125. which is slightly high but only slightly. i need to lose at least 20 pounds in the next few months or this friggin dr. is gonna make me quit smoking. i heard about a new medication out that makes it really easy & i'm thinking lose weight first...quit smoking next. theres just no way i can do both at once. hmm, maybe i should start eating my cigarettes. i still get my nicotine & cigarettes can't be very fattening. right? does anybody know the calorie content of a cigarette? i think i'll google that in the near future. as crazy as it sounds you know someone has probaby figured it out.
oh yeah, i hate mechanics btw. i think i should open a mechanic shop. i'll have nothing but women working for me. yeah, we can have men to do the heavy lifting but nothing but women for consulting about your car. i really think i'm onto something here. actually, i don't think i really need men for lifting. there are tools out there that make lifting anything heavy a breeze. it'll cost me a little extra to get it up & running but think of all the women that would come from miles around to have an honest explanation as to what might be wrong with their car. i'll advertise it as the 'no bull just babes' on car therapy. i went directly from work to have the shop check out why my car was shimmying, thumping & shifting hard. hubby wasn't with me. these guys tried to persuade me that it was the new pieces trying to work with the old parts that still needed to be replaced. i mean, what does a new transmission have to mesh with to not shift hard? it is the shifter, right? it either shifts hard or it doesn't. in an automatic car? ok, maybe they know something i don't. then they told me i had a bad tire. they couldn't tell me which one it was. they checked them all out but found nothing to show me was bad about the tires. they are a year old. maybe thats it. year old tires won't work with a new transmission. next they pointed out that i probably needed new motor mounts. huh? a new transmission needs new motor mounts to help it shift smooth? ok. i'm a woman. do i need a new motor with my new transmission cos wouldn't it be easier to just buy a new car? that'll help the shifting be a little smoother, right? you know what i did? i bought a chiltons car manuel. now, by golly, i've got all the diagrams & instructions to just do it my fucking self. motor mounts & newer tires my big, fat lady ass. i was like, ok, guys, just give me one good reason & i won't snicker at your little dicks. so, they finally said, maybe bushings. now, keep in mind the car didn't drive bad with the old transmission, it just leaked, but yes, i will accept that a new transmission needs new bushings. that one i'll buy. and change myself. thank you $818.86 very much. anyway, i'm taking applications for my new auto shop. females only need apply. some knowledge of cars will be necassary. no college degrees needed. cos, women are better bullshitters.


Walker said...

Hold one, wtf does bushings have to do with the transmission.
Budhing are for the suspenshion in the front you need that for another reason like not suddenly finding yourself heading off in the direction you wheels suddenly jam into.

The fucken links are to tight thats it, losen them up.

A motor mount is what, 30 bucks and about a half hours work?
Mike and I changed his bushings and calapers last week on both sides in 2 hours and thats my back yard.
If we had a garage with hosts instead of a couple of logs it would have went faster.
Garages gouge ev eryone and yes women especially.
I sent the ex to have the brake pads changed and when i got home i was looking at a 1800 dollar bill.

I go for blood test tomorrow. I hate them, fucken vampires

Anonymous said...

Wow.. they were properly trying to feed you some shit. Im not a mechanic but I know when Im being fed a line!

As for the cigs Lindy - bad news.. when you quit smoking you will put on weight. You can't do both (lose weight and quit) at the same time so you'll have to prioritise. :-( sorry..