Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hell Week

i took a vacation this week. i really wanted to get things done around the house but honestly, i've spent most of my time out of the house. not due to my choice either. i made plans to get all the paints i wanted by the weekend. i ended up taking my car to a shop & having it diagnosed.
she was sick. turned out i had to have my transmission replaced & a front axle. which they couldn't do until they got a transmission. they hoped that would be by monday, of next week.
because of that we decided in the meantime to do some car shopping & maybe just go with a new car. that didn't work either. we really only had about $3000.00 to work with if we wanted to just outright buy a car. and i really didn't want payments. we're just barely making it without a car payment. we shopped all day up & down the car dealers strips & couldn't find anything under $5000.00 that was worth having. that was 2 days of my vacation shot to hell. i spent 3 of my days in the doctors office. oh, btw, i'm diabetes 2 & i have a vitamin b12 defiency. i have to start taking my blood sugar readings for the diabetes by sticking my finger everyday. oh goody & joy--joy. but doc holiday says we caught it in the early stages so hopefully, we'll be able to manage it without a shot every day. just the right meds & keep an eye on it. also, he wants me to have a b12 shot once a week for a month then a regiment of b12 tablets should control that too. i'm not allowed to drink & he wants me to quit smoking. why is it the more people harp on me about smoking the more trouble i have quitting? is that just hard headedness? i've wanted to quit for the better part of this year but as soon as they said i have to quit the less i wanted to.
i did get some shopping done. we bought the paint we needed to do the bathroom & bedroom. i found some material to make me some new skirts. we also picked up some stain for the living room furniture. we bought a futon for the living room but it didn't match the rest of the furniture. it will now. i still want a new tv. i'm not giving that up for anything. our wedding anniversary is on the 23rd. that'll be our gift to ourselves. we talked about a divorce but that just isn't in the budget for now. well, i guess i could go the do it yourself package but that just sounds like too much trouble to me. maybe if i have to quit drinking he'll be sympathetic & quit with me. not bloody likely but anything is possible.
thats the report for this week. the vacation week. that was supposed to be enjoyable but turned into the week from hell. hope you've had a better one.
thanks for checking in.


Tammi said...

Oh hun,
Stick with the are hard to come by these days.hahaha
Or is it that I'm so friggin picky? All the good guys seem to bore me to tears.
Yea...I say stick w/ getting a flat screen HD or something.LOL
What a bummer.You just found out about the diabetes?Dannnng,I hate to hear that chic-a-dee! I can't imagine having to stick myself everyday.OUCH!Oh,Does this mean no sweets at all?
Now that's even a BIGGER drag!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the diabetes that could be really shit. Try to take up regular exercise, it helps cut your fancy for the cigarettes. I smoked 20 a day for 8+ years but didn't find it easy to stop until I read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. He explains how not to quit! YOu'll be surprised how easy it is when you get your head around it. Really do recommend you read that book. Wil quit after he read it too and that was 3 years ago now.

Walker said...

That just sucks about the diabetes.
couple that with the car trouble.
You deserve a 40 ich flat panel with surround sound with a her and no his remote.

I hope you get the diabetes under control and forgo the shots.

Lindy said...

You all. I just love you to death. Thanks for being there for me. What would I do without my friends? Seriously, you all don't know how special you are. I haven't even wrapped my head around all this & there you are, supporting me & being there for me. I love you all so much!!!!