Friday, May 23, 2008

Holding My Breath

& back to the grindstone on tuesday which was a busy, busy day. before i got home from work little sis, lucky, had called to talk to me. her & her friend, roomie had visited last weekend so i didn't think twice about the phone call. until she called back & i heard her voice. she was scared & you could hear it when she talked. my heart jumped into my throat. she told me that she had to be rushed to the hospital on sunday. something in her middle hurt so bad it doubled her over. the hospital took some scans & found a mass in her abdomen. they recommended she see a doctor as soon as possible, gave her some pain killers & sent her on her way. i can't believe the way some hospitals treat people without health insurance. if that had been me they'd have checked me in immediately & started every unnecessary treatment in the world. but i have insurance. she just started a new job & her insurance hasn't kicked in yet. she went to the dr. & he explained that she had a cyst on her oviary that would need to be removed & biopsied before they could tell her anything else. she was recommended to a specialist. the specialist felt around & took some more scans & told her she had 2 cysts. one the size of a tennis ball on her oviaries & another the size of a grapefruit on her uterus. lucky is a little girl. she only weighs about 125 lbs. soaking wet. if these things are that big she probably only weighs about 100 lbs & 25 lbs are masses growing inside of her. the doctor told her these masses are smashing all her other organs & not giving them room to function properly. that explains alot. she looks enimic & has no energy all the time. we've been worried about her for years but she insisted she was fine, just needed more rest. and i thought diabetes was the worst thing in my life. if this turns out to be cancerous...
i can't even finish that thought. right now i'm trying to keep a positive attitude & feed her regularly. she's concentrating on working & trying to keep her mind off of this until she gets the operation.
pray for her.


ML said...

I have my fingers crossed for her Lindy. I hope it gets sorted quickly and easily.

Walker said...

Damn hospitals there are bad. They tried to go private here and the country was up in arms so no private hospitals here and no one gets turned away plus no one has insiurance because it' free the way its supposed to be.

I hope they fix your sister, my mother had a 15 pound tumor in her abdomine that they removed and today she is fine