Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Graduate

my favorite grandson graduated from kindergarten this week. i bought him a card that congratulated him on his graduation. isn't that the cutest pic? he was so thrilled with himself he couldn't stop with the cheesy smile. he told me he got a 'diploma for graduatin & he got to keep his hat & gown & he won a lot of awards for being so smart & fast'. i love it that he likes school. he loves to learn & he's so excited about learning to read that he tries to spell everything these days. nowhere close to correctly but at least he's trying. he knew his abc's before he started so that was a plus. he learned how to write his name quickly. i'm not just talking his first name either...i mean his whole name & loves to recite the spelling to you as many times in a day as he can. he'd still rather slip on a shoe with a velcro then tie a shoelace though. and he's not so good at drawing. as you can see here with the man watching ducks. this is how he draws all his people & he doesn't have the time to sit & draw a flower or a tree. his dogs, houses & cars are all just a bunch of squares with either stick legs, crooked chimneys or oblong circle tires. i'm not sure but i don't think he'll ever acquire his mommy & daddys talent for drawing. thats ok. at least his man has 5 fingers on one hand, 2 eyes & 2 feet. i mean what else do you want? besides his imagination for watching ducks goes wayyy beyond what he draws. cos, like me, i guess you've noticed there is no ducks in the picture & i'd really like to know what the balloon above the man is supposed to say. i know, maybe he'll be a story teller instead. like me. he does do his best work while flapping his gums.


Walker said...

Congrats to your grandson for gratuating Kindergarden and I wish him luck in his future scholastic adventure.
I loved achool especially history and science.
Maybe that's why I am a Trekie LOL

Tammi said...

how precious.
When I read the part about him being your favorite grandson,I felt a sigh of relief that now I don't feel so bad about having my favorite too.Well,darn.My youngest daughter just don't bring Jadin to see me,and she moves so much,I can't even keep up.But lil A'million just loooves his Mee-Mee(me,of course).Cuz my daughter calls daily and lets me have him when I want.
So point is....when you said "my favorite grandson,I just sighed with relief"just knowing I'm not the only one.
He's adoreable,ladybug.He even looks like a Grandma's lil stinker!!lol
Thanks for posting the pic

Lindy said...

Walker, I need you to help steer him in the right direction. Right now he thinks he's truly an alien so he loves Star Trek & Battlestar Gallactia but nobody encourages him with that but me. Tammi, theres nothing wrong with having a favorite. Of course, I don't tell the rest of them but in his heart he knows he's my baby.