Friday, May 09, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

because of my car i officially became a bad aunt today. my nephew is a senior in high school & hoping to go to college on a baseball scholarship. although, he's had over 60 offers for football scholarships he's holding out for that one special offer. i'm not sure why he wants a baseball scholarship. hubby says its because baseball is a much easier game. but this kid rocks at any sport he plays. i'm sure if i asked he'd fill me in on the details but whenever i see him theres always so many people around that i never get a chance to just sit down & have a one on one with him.
i meant to go to one of his last pitching games today but my car has been overheating & i climbed into that bitch, started her up & headed home so automatically, worrying about making it without blowing up my motor, that i completely forgot to go to his game. i have one more chance to redeem myself & come hell or high water, even if i have to walk to his game, i will go root him on. sorry, coach, i do love you & i'm pulling for you to get that baseball scholarship!! i will be at the game on monday cheering you on & hugging you up when its all over.
damn car.


Walker said...

I don;t really think basball is alot easier if you consider having to sacrifice the body at time with NO equipment on like running head long into a wall blindly chasing a fly ball.