Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cheers Dears

just a few more days till we both go to doc holiday & get our fixes for another few good years. hubby is already on heart medication but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick lately. for 2 weeks now he's been having alot of trouble catching his breath & his heart has been periodically racing. of course, i've been to webmd & found that these are a few symptoms of an oncoming heart attack. coupled with the fact that he's been sweating profusely & very, very sensitive to almost everything i've been holding my breath for this doctors appointment just praying that he didn't have heart failure before monday. i'll let you know what the doctor says when we get back.
i've caught up with my friend the mechanic & hopefully, he'll get the car under control for me. that'll be a ton off my mind. well, that & the doctors appointment so, technically 2 tons.
so, i'm having a drink or two (well, to be honest a lot more) & letting things go for tonight. tomorrow will bring everything back in full force.
including the headache i'm expecting.


Walker said...

We all have to keep up with our appointments and the bones get older even when the soul is still flying with full colors.

Sitting back and throwing a few to the back of the throats is what the doctor's orders at times to pick p the spirits with a few spirits ;)