Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring Finally

the weather is getting better finally. i was beginning to contemplate the move to warmer climate. texas seems to be a popular place to live. especially for bloggers. don't they have a get together for bloggers yearly somewhere out west? i could so live in california. when i was younger my mom worked for american airlines & we flew for a quarter of the cost. it was great. i think by the time i was 16 i had been in all but 7 of the 48 states. yes i know we have more states than that now.
we went to the zoo today. first time this year. we have a great zoo. its rated one of the top zoos in the world. i'm impressed. we missed the gorilla egg hunt they had for easter. it was on all the news though so we really didn't miss it. we just didn't have to deal with the crowd to see it. i saw my first skink of the year. they run rampant at the zoo. they are little lizard things that somehow got shipped in with some of the many exotic animals we have on exhibit. they have been living & breeding at the zoo for ever. i heard just a few years ago another lizard was shipped in that they called a 'blue' something or another.
i worked in a packing company years ago. we received shipments of parts from texas. we used to get snakes all the time. i always thought they had to be more careful with things like that. guess i was wrong, huh?.
gotta go.