Monday, April 18, 2005

Take That

the kids have been outside playing alot this weekend. it was a great weekend & we had so much fun. we drew on the street with chalk & rode bikes around. we played catch & house, jump rope and just had a great time. hubby was so mean. he didn't have the patience for anything this weekend. you don't need to scream about something. if someone does something that they shouldn't theres so many ways to discipline them. just bring jammer inside rather than scream at him. by sunday i finally just asked hubby to not talk to any of us. it wasn't like it was a talk. it was just a scream.
i'm about sick of hubby drinking. seems like every week he gets worse. remember the episode we had at the grocery store? i really thought maybe that would be a wake up call for him but it hasn't fazed him.
today we talked about it & he thinks he had a stroke. i think he had a brain fart. but who am i? just the woman that has to live with him & i swear that time is getting shorter & shorter. i'm planning a divorce. i'm shooting for our 13 wedding anniversary this year.